A successful experiment

Image of artists in Joy Experiment
12 May 2014

Mila Oshin describes a cross-artform showcase that presents the work of like-minded artists, many of whom have been ‘emerging’ for their whole careers.

Re-inventing the gallery

Image of poster for Prime Studios
12 May 2014

Prime Studios in Windsor is a space for artists to work, interact and display their art. Dan Eastmond explains why he wants it to be different.

A clearer career path

Image of Roshni Hirani painting
12 May 2014

Cate Gordon describes how the Young Associate Scheme at Harrow Arts Centre offers a clearer career progression route for young people.

Dancing in the air

Image of aerial artist training
12 May 2014

Lindsey Butcher discusses the issues that emerging aerial dance artists face in an artform that itself is just emerging.

Composing with confidence

Image of a Sound and Music summer school
06 Jun 2013

What support do emerging composers and sound artists really need to develop? Susanna Eastburn outlines the findings of a recent consultation.

Raising the game

A girl in a garden with coloured paper artwork
24 Aug 2012

Rob Smith has found a sustainable model for working with artist educators that provides artists with an income stream relevant to their field of work and doesn’t depend on public funding


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