Shifting public opinion

Woman walking past graffiti of multicoloured hearts
03 Jan 2013

A national campaign for the arts should first and foremost aim to win the public’s hearts and minds, says Liz Hill.

Culture Secretary backs charitable giving report

30 Nov 2012

Maria Miller says arts organisations fall short in their efforts to secure legacy giving.

Job Ladder

Mark Da Vanzo
27 Nov 2012

Mark Da Vanzo tells us what he has learnt from his varied career.

The public debate that was never ours

10 Sep 2012

Susan Oman says the measures for assessing national wellbeing will be irrelevant before we even begin measuring

London leads as a city of culture

23 Jul 2012

The cultural offers of the world’s most important cities, and the policy structures behind them, is the focus of a new report

Cultural economy

11 Jun 2012

Yvette Vaughan Jones looks towards a Creative Europe 2014 – and beyond

Taxing gifts

Photo of present
21 May 2012

The recent budget has propelled charitable giving and tax into the media spotlight. Mahmood Reza explains what it’s all about, and how it could affect fundraising efforts.

13 Hours: lucky for some

21 May 2012

William Wong asks what can the arts do more of and differently to encourage mindfulness?

If you treasure it, measure it?

21 May 2012

The wellbeing agenda is developing alongside a demand for evidence-based practice. Daniel Callcut explores what this means for arts organisations

Victory for the arts as new planning framework recognises culture

19 Mar 2012

References to cultural wellbeing are welcomed, but some are concerned that the NPPF has not done enough to protect the arts and culture

Tax and giving: putting donors first

31 Oct 2011

In the second of two articles on initiatives for stimulating fundraising in the cultural sector, Javier Stanziola looks at tax incentives

A turn for the better?

31 Oct 2011

Hilary Gresty reflects on the ‘complex behemoth’ that was put in place to repair the fragmentation of the visual arts sector.

Good on paper, bad in practice

10 Oct 2011

In the first of a two articles looking at policy initiatives for stimulating fundraising in the cultural sector, Javier Stanziola critiques the match-funding approach

For art’s sake?

29 Aug 2011

Stephen Hetherington looks at how New Labour’s approach to culture twinned it with economic benefits and social policy

Culture gets no mention in Government plans for Planning Policy

29 Aug 2011

The Theatres Trust has issued a rallying cry to the sector as culture and the arts are overlooked in a draft National Planning Policy.


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