In the political eye

Image of Arts Alliance poster and artwork
10 Jul 2014

The Arts Alliance network and the Arts Forum are determined to keep the arts in criminal justice settings on the political agenda, says Jessica Plant.

Book review: 'Reaching Out: Music education with 'hard to reach' children and young people'

08 May 2014

The authors write “with passion and authority”, making this book relevant to a wider readership than the title suggests, finds Julia Ient.

Lottery funding landscape laid bare

Photo of Durham
25 Apr 2014

The distribution of Lottery funding for the arts is a closed system, operating for the benefit of a small number of arts organisations but to the detriment of wider society and the economy, according to a new report by the authors who recently revealed England’s regional arts funding imbalance.

Joined-up thinking puts arts on the main agenda in Wales

Photo of Splash Cymru project
14 Mar 2014

The Welsh Government is preparing to harness the arts, culture and heritage in its battle against poverty and social exclusion.

Join the conversation now!

Image of Raspberry Pi workshop at Wysing Arts
27 Jan 2014

Sarah Stannage warns that many arts organisations may be missing out on European and Government funding available through Local Enterprise Partnerships.

Commission to focus on Cultural Value

10 Dec 2013

The Warwick Commission is aiming to develop new policy thinking and practical recommendations related to the long-term sustainability of culture in the face of tough economic challenges.

Mainstreaming equality

Image of Peace Bridge
19 Nov 2013

How has Northern Ireland’s cultural sector responded to equality and community relations since the Good Friday Agreement? Nicole McNeilly finds out.

A simple proposition

07 Nov 2013

Peter Stark, Christopher Gordon and David Powell provide a personal reflection on reactions to Rebalancing Our Cultural Capital, their analysis of England’s regional funding landscape.

New figures reveal the true extent of the London/regions divide

London from above
30 Oct 2013

An ongoing funding bias towards London is denying huge proportions of England’s population fair access to the arts, according to a new independent report by three senior arts figures.

Wales considers creativity-focused curriculum

'Start' Theatre By the Lake - school children involved in a theatre workshop
25 Sep 2013

An arts-rich approach to teaching could be a “game-changer” for education in Wales, according to a new report.

Anti-poverty goals climb the arts agenda

Stormont, Belfast
19 Aug 2013

The culture ministries in Wales and Northern Ireland have set out plans to put social inclusion at the heart of their policy-making.

Mind the gap!

01 Jul 2013

Think it’s time to merge Lottery funding with Grant in Aid to plug the arts funding gap? Think again, says Christopher Gordon.

Report comes out fighting for economic benefits of the arts

08 May 2013

Arts Council report provides economic ballast in the run-up to a Government spending review.

Creating the big society

Image of bannners
11 Apr 2013

Sarah Stannage asks whether we can be confident that individuals and communities will step forward to support the development of local creative economies.

A true snapshot of life?

06 Feb 2013

Following her coverage of the national  well-being debate and the exclusion of culture from the Office of National Statistics’ measures, Susan Oman looks at its most recent report and discusses what it might signify for culture’s future role in the UK.

Shifting public opinion

03 Jan 2013

A national campaign for the arts should first and foremost aim to win the public’s hearts and minds, says Liz Hill.


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