Going it alone

Photo of award-winning group
10 Sep 2015

Dorset's local authority arts service has just made the complex transition to a public service mutual. Lindsay Harrod shares the issues they faced and the benefits they are now reaping.

White Paper to set agenda for future of the arts

Photo of Ed Vaizey
04 Sep 2015

A series of open, online discussions will soon allow the public to feed into the new White Paper which will be published in late 2015 or early 2016.

Gift Aid: speak now or forever...

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24 Aug 2015

Unless arts organisations make their voices heard in the Government's Gift Aid consultation, the sector could shortly be facing a whole new set of challenges, says Philip Spedding.

Loans could ease pressure at touring companies

Photo of a Nuffield and English Touring Theatre production
13 Aug 2015

The UK’s arts councils are being urged to seek permission to use government funds to provide short-term loans.

ACE income buoyed by record Lottery sales

A graph showing ACE income
07 Aug 2015

Lottery revenues more than compensated for a fall in Arts Council England’s grant in aid last year, with record ticket sales and a one-off windfall seeing total income grow by almost 6%.

Government prepares for Gift Aid reform

Photo of a Gift Aid promotion sticker
07 Aug 2015

Describing the current Gift Aid scheme as “no longer fit for purpose,” the Treasury is calling for evidence of the problems presented by rules that limit benefits to donors. 

Policies for the people

Photo of girls playing in orchestra
16 Jul 2015

What would our public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making? There would surely be more room for arts and culture, says Jessica Harris.

From words into action

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18 Jun 2015

The Warwick Commission report may have sparked a useful debate, but how can its recommendations be acted upon locally, asks Chris Bilton.

Edinburgh Promise reflects desire for collective action

Photo of Edinburgh viewed from a hill
13 May 2015

Cultural organisations and arts practitioners are calling on public and private sector funders and service providers to take action to support a series of ambitions for the city.

Highly desirable or undesirable?

Photo of an artwork - a lift bursting through a pavement
09 Apr 2015

Dany Louise looks into the reasons why many cities welcome biennials of art events while others are less receptive.

Report tells Labour “commit to the creative industries”

03 Apr 2015

A Labour-commissioned report argues for devolution of funding and strategy decisions away from Whitehall and for ring-fenced grant-in-aid budgets, claiming it is  “…imperative for the creative industries to be treated as a priority across government.”

Creative learning in Wales

Image of children creating village scene in the classroom
05 Mar 2015

Nick Capaldi explains the new partnership between the Welsh Government and the Arts Council of Wales which puts arts and creativity at the heart of the school curriculum.

An end to performance management?

Photo of people in a museum
05 Mar 2015

Some publicly funded museums are moving away from performance management governance and towards a peer review model. Anwar Tlili explains why more should follow.

Silos must end for the arts to thrive, report concludes

Photo of Vikki Heywood
17 Feb 2015

The final report of the Warwick Commission inquiry finds the future of cultural value as lying in a seamless relationship between the cultural sector and the creative industries, coupled with a focus on enterprise and creativity in schools. 

Time for action on regional arts funding, report concludes

Aerial photo of London
13 Feb 2015

The need to correct the geographic imbalance in England’s arts funding has been proven and it’s time for Arts Council England to “Just do it!”, say the authors of the RoCC report, in their final assessment of regional arts funding.

Lessons from the past

A young boy with a micro violin
29 Jan 2015

Deborah Bull explains what the cultural enquiry into arts policy and young people learnt by looking back over the last 60 years.

Enquiry sheds light on “engagement gap”

Photo of children in a gallery
15 Jan 2015

Failure to learn from the past means that new initiatives for engaging young people with the arts look “remarkably similar to what has gone before”.

Wales fears the impact of council cuts

Photo of a young girl drawing
11 Nov 2014

It is becoming increasingly less likely that culture and arts services will be able to play a meaningful part in delivering the Government’s ambition of tackling poverty and promoting social justice, the Welsh Local Government Association has warned.

Regional funding imbalance “must be urgently rectified”

Aerial view of London
05 Nov 2014

Greater fairness in Lottery funding would help to redress the wider geographic arts funding imbalance that sees London benefit “out of all proportion to its population”, says Select Committee.


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