Lighting up London

Photo of Durham Lumiere 2015
18 Nov 2015

Artichoke’s Lumiere light festival is hugely reliant on sponsorship. As it prepares to come to London for the first time, Sarah Coop describes the unique challenge of securing support in a new city. 

The soul of the city

Photo of Lumiere 1.26
15 Oct 2015

Munira Mirza on the power of art to change people’s perceptions of a city – and make them into more ‘human’ places.

Study finds bleak fundraising prospects for outdoor arts

Emergency Exit Arts
07 Aug 2015

An honest assessment of the fundraising challenges facing outdoor arts organisations delivers a cautionary tale about the potential value of philanthropy.

Working with nature

Photo of forest chair
11 Jun 2015

What happens to sculptures and other artworks in a forest trail over time as they surrender to the elements – or to the native bats, asks Cathy Mager.

Low barriers to access key to support for outdoor arts

Photo of people sitting at outdoors arts event
08 May 2015

New research confirms that outdoor arts events draw wide support among local audiences from diverse economic and social backgrounds.

Touring public spaces

Image of public spaces tour
07 Oct 2013

A new wave of artists’ tours encourages us to look differently at the public spaces (like car parks) we see around us. Bill Aitchison explores these new tours.

Showtime revisited

Image of Spin Cycle
07 Oct 2013

Two arts venues involved in ‘Showtime’, the Mayor of London’s outdoor festival, recognised the positive impact of working outdoors and, as Jane Packham reports, have since formed a consortium with other venues in outer London boroughs.

The hot outdoors

Image of Wired Aerial Theatre’s ‘As the world tipped’
07 Oct 2013

Maggie Clarke believes that this is a good time for outdoor arts, with investment, partnerships and networks raising the bar and resulting in a raising worldwide profile.

Job ladder

30 Apr 2012

Maggie Clarke tracks the progression of her career

Stepping stones

09 Apr 2012

The Fuse Medway Festival is an international festival of outdoor arts. Miranda Johnson explains why emerging artists are at its heart

A fine balancing act

21 Nov 2011

Outdoor arts have risen in profile over the past ten years. Bill Gee examines the position of the sector in relation to the current economic climate and the countdown to 2012

Assessing the crowd

21 Nov 2011

Evaluating un-ticketed events in ways which are meaningful and sustainable is a challenge that Anne Torreggiani has faced on many occasions. She reflects on her experiences


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