Café culture

13 Jun 2011

Struggling to make the most of your catering arm? Chris Brown has some suggestions

A culture of asking

Glimmerglass Festival venue in New York
03 May 2011

Kara Larson sorts the myths from the truths about “US-style” philanthropy

Ballet on the box

11 Apr 2011

Royal Opera House and BBC join forces to increase TV exposure for opera and ballet

Edinburgh Fringe shake-up

22 Nov 2010

New constitution will mean better representation for Edinburgh Fringe participants

ACE shares the pain

01 Nov 2010

ACE announces its funding plans in response to grant in aid budget cuts of 29.6%

Boiling VAT

Photo of Wormsley Estate exterior
30 Nov 2009

Mahmood Reza follows up on Garsington Opera’s VAT victory by explaining how the new rules work.


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