Job Ladder

21 May 2012

Maria Bota describes the steps on her career path that led her to become Director of Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival

No more blind data

27 Feb 2012

Jane Donald and Sam Stone explain how the RSNO is meeting the challenge of understanding its geographically disparate audience base

Strength in numbers

06 Feb 2012

Scotland has more in common with Philadelphia than we might think. Pamela Bailey shares the fruits of US-style collaboration

Hip-op to hip-hop

06 Feb 2012

Pavilion Dance harnessed a booming summer tourist market to help make a place for itself on an emerging cultural scene. Jo O’Connell tells all

Empowered ticketing

12 Dec 2011

Roger Tomlinson takes a snapshot of the wide range of options available these days to arts organisations that sell tickets

Growing step by step

12 Dec 2011

The Elgiva has found that IRIS’s ticketing and marketing systems enable the venue to enhance its technological capabilities in line with changing customer needs

On target

12 Dec 2011

Colston Hall has tested out Purple Seven’s Balanced Database approach to target marketing – and the results are very promising. Sarah Robertson explains

CRM starts at the box office

12 Dec 2011

A lot of people in theatres and concert halls talk about the importance of Customer Relationship Management, but most are not really doing it and seem reluctant to start. Helen Dunnett encourages them to get going

Ask The Expert

23 May 2011

Got a work-related dilemma? Let AP find the expert with the answer

Building loyalty

21 Mar 2011

Susie Delves shares her 10 tips for running a customer loyalty scheme

Raising the standards

17 Jan 2011

Recognised professional standards are the norm in medicine or law, but not in the arts… until now. Julie Aldridge on the new marketing standards for the arts

Spoiled for choice?

22 Nov 2010

Roger Tomlinson introduces our special ticketing feature, and surveys the range of ticketing and marketing systems on offer in the UK

Case study: Women’s work?

01 Nov 2010

Julie Aldridge ponders why arts marketing is dominated by women

The march of the Twitterati

Twitter graphic
24 Aug 2009

Something fundamental is going on in the media world, says William Shaw. It’s big, scary, only half understood, and it’s going to change how the arts present themselves to the world.


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