Job Ladder

Photo of Ivan Wadeson in the Duke's auditorium
16 Dec 2014

The new Executive Director of The Dukes in Lancaster, Ivan Wadeson, looks back on his career.

The dynamics of arts marketing

Photo of someone filming a children's concert on an iPad
03 Nov 2014

Hye-Kyung Lee traces the history of arts marketing though three different phases, each posing new challenges and requiring arts marketers to rethink their aims and remits.

Job Ladder

04 Jun 2014

Lindsey Cook explains why – having already racked up eight years in marketing at mac birmingham – she couldn’t resist returning.

A story of survival

Image of Nottingham's Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall
12 Mar 2014

How did Robert Sanderson turn an overspending council-run facility into a theatre and concert hall thriving without subsidy? Erik Peterson tells the story.

Live streaming explored

Image of filming ballet dancers
10 Feb 2014

Live streaming offers exciting opportunities for both small and large arts organisations in many different ways, believes Andre Portasio.

Job Ladder

05 Dec 2013

Craig Titley, Chief Executive of Future Talent, describes his career so far.

Is ‘amateur’ marketing really killing the arts?

An orchestra performing in a small venue with a large crowd
22 Nov 2013

Julie Aldridge takes the bait thrown down by Trevor O’Donnell’s dismissal of arts marketing as ‘amateur’ and in response urges closer collaboration between artistic leaders and arts marketers.

The magnitude of marketing

The Culture Hive website
29 Oct 2013

How much has the arts marketing role changed in the last twenty years? Strikingly, says Sarah Chambers, who examines what is now required to market culture.

Job Ladder

Laura Sweeney
03 Oct 2013

Laura Sweeney explains how she has progressed through her career.

A rough guide to cultural tourism

Image of Manchester Museum
13 Jun 2013

Helen Palmer and Susie Stubbs describe how cultural tourism can work – and has worked in Manchester.

Making noises

Image of exhibition at Tramway
22 May 2013

Dianne Greig explains how Glasgow’s galleries and museums are collaborating through the WhiteNOISE project to develop the city’s audience for the visual arts.

The source of being smart

10 Dec 2012

What does working smarter in the arts sector mean? Julie Tait describes a project exploring staffing, technology and audience data.

Guidance in good practice

Photo of people at arts workshop
20 Nov 2012

A new online knowledge bank combines information and guidance on bringing art and audiences together. Pam Pfrommer gives the background to the initiative.

Turning fortunes around

Photo of dancers rehearsing on stage
20 Nov 2012

Miles Gregory shares 15 tips on how to turn a troubled arts organisation around with the minimum stress for everyone involved.

Marketing with customer insight

Photo of exterior of Grove Theatre, Dunstable
09 Oct 2012

When it opened in 2009 the cinema screen at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable saw average audiences of about 40 people, but data-led marketing has worked wonders, explains Claire McFauld.

Job ladder

23 Jul 2012

The much maligned YTS training scheme provided Dianne Greig with her route to becoming Senior Partner at Culture Sparks

Job Ladder

21 May 2012

Maria Bota describes the steps on her career path that led her to become Director of Ageas Salisbury International Arts Festival

No more blind data

27 Feb 2012

Jane Donald and Sam Stone explain how the RSNO is meeting the challenge of understanding its geographically disparate audience base

Strength in numbers

06 Feb 2012

Scotland has more in common with Philadelphia than we might think. Pamela Bailey shares the fruits of US-style collaboration


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