Creative and commercial

Photo of silk screens
28 Aug 2015

The 2008 crash shook Ali Pretty’s outdoor arts company hard. But after a bold decision to split the organisation in two, it’s now doing better than ever. 

Self-evaluation with confidence

Photo of elderly people celebrating
23 Jul 2015

Are you familiar with Arts Council England’s self-evaluation framework? Probably not, says Mandy Barnett, but a new version aims to be simpler and more relevant, and to empower the arts to explain its value with tenacity.

Policies for the people

Photo of girls playing in orchestra
16 Jul 2015

What would our public services look like if we used wellbeing evidence to inform policy-making? There would surely be more room for arts and culture, says Jessica Harris.

Rapid results

Photo of New Wolsey Theatre
18 Jun 2015

An innovative regional theatre has used data and cloud technology to increase ticket sales and diversify its business model, explains Libby Penn.

Who are the commissioners?

Photo of people in meeting
30 Apr 2015

Linden Rowley explores who the commissioners of public services are, where to find them and how arts and cultural organisations can best talk to them.

What is your core purpose?

Photo of someone holding a pen
23 Apr 2015

Are vision, mission and values at the heart of good cultural fundraising? Michelle Wright explains why arts organisations need to be clear about their fundamental purpose.

The dark art of producing

Image of producers with Model Box
01 Apr 2015

Stage One’s training and support helped Tracey Childs become a theatre producer and is doing the same for apprentice producers at a number of UK theatres.

A treasure trove of data

Image of LIFT event
31 Mar 2015

For the London International Festival of Theatre customer data is power. Libby Penn describes how taking control over ticketing and audience data was like opening a treasure trove for the London International Festival of Theatre.

Out of obscurity

Image of gallery
31 Mar 2015

By bringing the findings of academic research into the wider cultural sector, CultureCase is providing the evidence that helps arts professionals make a stronger case for support. James Doeser looks back on the impact of its first year.

An end to performance management?

Photo of people in a museum
05 Mar 2015

Some publicly funded museums are moving away from performance management governance and towards a peer review model. Anwar Tlili explains why more should follow.

Demonstrating impact

Photo of a photo book produced by the Old Memories project
14 Jan 2015

A number of challenges face arts and cultural organisations trying to show their impact on public service outcomes. Jessica Harris examines the types of evidence that commissioners want and looks at ways in which arts and cultural organisations have risen to the challenge of providing it.

Our arts leaders can’t afford to forget politics

Photo of a production of The Death of Klinghoffer
03 Dec 2014

If ethical questions lead us to pick and choose what is right and wrong from an artistic perspective, or to judge the credentials of our corporate funders, where do we stop? Michelle Wright calls for more debate about the moral high-ground of art, in the context of what arts organisations need to do to survive and thrive.

Getting to grips with commissioning

Photo of a workshop
14 Nov 2014

In a new series exploring opportunities for arts organisations, museums and library services to engage in public service commissioning, Jessica Harris explains the importance of understanding the outcomes commissioners are looking for.

In upbeat and dynamic mood

Image of Jenny Sealey at ITC
20 Oct 2014

As the Independent Theatre Council celebrates its 40th anniversary, its members discussed touring, artists’ pay, inclusion and much more at its recent conference. Charlotte Jones reports.

The scorecard and the prism

Image of balanced scorecard
22 Sep 2014

Mahmood Reza recommends two performance management models that offer arts organisations a means of measuring areas that are of genuine importance to them.

Meaningful measurements

Photo of someone looking at some statistics
15 Sep 2014

Good performance management can improve effectiveness and efficiency, but Mahmood Reza says that is dependent on the right performance measures being in place.

Starting young

Image of youth forum members
03 Jul 2014

Two members of a youth forum have been invited to sit on the board at The Dukes in Lancaster, and are now influencing important decisions, writes Louise Bryning.

Finding a forgery

Image of Constable painting
30 Apr 2014

Eleanor Head advises galleries on their legal position in the event that a painting turns out to be a forgery or its ‘provenance is tainted’.

Moving masterpieces

Image of crates at Art14
22 Apr 2014

Moving artworks around the world is a complex and costly process. Michael Festenstein advises on how it can be done carefully and cost-effectively.


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