Making a merger work

A face on two hands
11 Oct 2010

Are two heads better than one? Mahmood Reza explains why and how arts organisations can merge to ensure survival and success

Stealing strategy

Photo of ping-pong bat in meeting room
12 Apr 2010

Is the arts baby drowning in the strategy bathwater? Alice Devitt thinks that business techniques should support, not overwhelm, artistic and social vision.

Cultural shift

girl with mentor screenprinting
27 Jul 2009

Catherine Large calls for a radical re-think of the accepted routes into the creative and cultural sector, arguing for a shift away from unpaid work and towards apprenticeships that employers value.

Risky business

Photo person skiing down hill
01 Jun 2009

Mahmood Reza explains the importance of good risk management to the health of an organisation.

My Gurus - Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp

09 Feb 2009

Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp reveals the people who have most inspired him

Testing times

Credit crunch stall
03 Nov 2008

Mahmood Reza examines the possible implications of the economic downturn for arts organisations.

Essential Management - Where brand is the experience

25 Sep 2006

As Western economies shift their focus from manufacturing to creating and selling experiences to consumers, opportunities will emerge for arts organisations. Howard Raynor explains.

Censorship - A considered approach

Woman and man
04 Jul 2005

The forced closure of ‘Behzti’ last year have sent shock waves through the theatre industry and raised timely questions about censorship, freedom of speech and the importance of religion and drama in a multicultural society. Jonathan Church looks at the aftermath of the controversy.

Essential Finance - Making financial statements work for you

Photo of calculator and papers
31 May 2004

In the final instalment of his series on financial reports, Mahmood Reza looks at cash-flow statements and the management use and interpretation of financial statements.

Economic Impact - Guggenheim: vision beyond value

ArtsProfessional magazine's physical archive
10 Feb 2003

The UK could learn something from the drive and ambition behind Bilbao's Guggenheim, writes Simon Kensdale.


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