Job Ladder

Photo of Anthony Sargent
04 Sep 2014

As he prepares to leave Sage Gateshead after 15 years at the helm, Anthony Sargent reflects on his career and the people he’s worked with.

My Gurus

16 Jul 2014

As he opens Black Cultural Archives' new Heritage Centre, Director Paul Reid reflects upon those who have inspired him throughout his life and career.

Leading the singing

Image of Sing with Us choirs
16 Jun 2014

The Sing with Us network of choirs brings together cancer patients and their families from across Wales. Rosie Dow describes her role as manager of the choir leaders.

Leading environmental sustainability

Image of workshop delegates
12 Jun 2014

Julie’s Bicycle and BOP Consulting have conducted a survey on leadership and environmental sustainability. Alison Tickell summarises the findings and plans the next steps.

Competing for talent

Graphic of people - one singled out
28 May 2014

With fundraising in the UK currently suffering from an image problem, how can we find the next generation of top arts fundraisers? Michelle Wright makes some suggestions.

Generous leadership

Image of Clore Fellows working together
16 Jan 2014

Leadership style is changing, from the extrovert personality controlling from the front to someone who shares power and develops and fosters relationships, believes Sue Hoyle.

An uptown girl

Image of Blists Hill Victorian Town
30 Sep 2013

When the Ironbridge Gorge Museum Trust sought a new chief executive it chose someone with a financial background and not a museum one. Paul Gossage explains why.

The challenge of change

Image of an Akram Khan production at Sadler's Wells
02 Sep 2013

How does an arts organisation tackle change successfully in difficult economic times? Ivan Wadeson summarises his discussions with four leaders on their approach to change and risk.

Creating the big society

Image of bannners
11 Apr 2013

Sarah Stannage asks whether we can be confident that individuals and communities will step forward to support the development of local creative economies.

Reluctant leaders

Photo of artwork created by Joshua Sofaer
10 Dec 2012

Can artists be viewed as leaders in the conventional sense? Joshua Sofaer investigates what it really means for an artist to be a leader.

Turning fortunes around

Photo of dancers rehearsing on stage
20 Nov 2012

Miles Gregory shares 15 tips on how to turn a troubled arts organisation around with the minimum stress for everyone involved.

Peer power leads the way

19 Mar 2012

Clare Cooper sees peer learning and network leadership as the DNA of ‘systems change’

Leading the way

25 Jul 2011

Sue Isherwood on the need for cultural leaders to understand their political culture and context

ACE grapples with equality

03 May 2011

Organisations’ shortcomings contribute to Arts Council England dilemmas over funding diversity


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