Art in the desert

A storyteller with the children of an orphanage
07 Mar 2013

Lisa Ball-Lechgar describes how Abu Dhabi has placed culture as a vital element in its ongoing development and growth.

Letter from America

Theater Gates’ Dorchester Projects in Chicago
06 Feb 2013

Helen Marriage reports on her first six months at Harvard on a Loeb Fellowship and explains the practice of ‘placemaking’, something she would love to see over here.

Successful cities

Photo of dancers leaping in front of Big Ben
20 Nov 2012

The World Cities Culture Report reveals how culture is as important as finance and trade to the success of a city. Munira Mirza explains why.

Bienvenue la danse!

Photo of Batsheva Ensemble dancing
12 Nov 2012

Why do we see the world’s finest contemporary dance companies in our theatres across the UK? Because Dance Consortium has made it possible and viable, says Heather Knight.

A new image for Africa

16 Oct 2012

Five years ago, the Arterial Network, a pan-African arts network, was set up to address poor government policies, the marginalisation of artists and a lack of funding facing the African Cultural sector. Nancy Onyango reports on the advances it has already made.

Intercultural connections

Picture of a self portrait created by one of the participants
24 Aug 2012

The impact of participatory art on the experience of new migrants and their interaction with a new cultural environment is now the subject of a European research project. Nancy Hogg explains.

Cultural economy

11 Jun 2012

Yvette Vaughan Jones looks towards a Creative Europe 2014 – and beyond

Open doors

21 May 2012

Across the UK and US the prison arts community is forming a transatlantic network. Becky Mer examines the ins and outs

Illuminating conversations

09 Apr 2012

Nicky Webb describes the birth, development and culmination of a European collaboration that has led to dialogue and exchange between artists, curators, programmers and producers

Inspired by Ireland

27 Feb 2012

Anna Franks celebrates the art of an ‘invisible’ white minority

Strength in numbers

06 Feb 2012

Scotland has more in common with Philadelphia than we might think. Pamela Bailey shares the fruits of US-style collaboration

Stepping out of the comfort zone

16 Jan 2012

Dee Evans explains the benefits and challenges of ‘full-on’ international co-productions

Taking the plunge

19 Sep 2011

James Mackenzie-Blackman explains how international corporate sponsorship can be a useful way for arts organisations to get out into the world

At least two to tango

21 Mar 2011

Ildikó Takács considers how the universal language of dance can encourage cross-cultural collaboration and work

Beyond the sea…

03 Feb 2011

Norway and England have very different theatre ecologies, but by working in both of them a theatre company can extend its reach and reputation, says Alex Byrne


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