Stepping out of the comfort zone

16 Jan 2012

Dee Evans explains the benefits and challenges of ‘full-on’ international co-productions

Taking the plunge

19 Sep 2011

James Mackenzie-Blackman explains how international corporate sponsorship can be a useful way for arts organisations to get out into the world

A culture of asking

Glimmerglass Festival venue in New York
03 May 2011

Kara Larson sorts the myths from the truths about “US-style” philanthropy

At least two to tango

21 Mar 2011

Ildikó Takács considers how the universal language of dance can encourage cross-cultural collaboration and work

Beyond the sea…

03 Feb 2011

Norway and England have very different theatre ecologies, but by working in both of them a theatre company can extend its reach and reputation, says Alex Byrne

Economic Impact - Guggenheim: vision beyond value

ArtsProfessional magazine's physical archive
10 Feb 2003

The UK could learn something from the drive and ambition behind Bilbao's Guggenheim, writes Simon Kensdale.


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