The gig economy explored

Photo of a post it note illustrating work-life balance
17 Mar 2016

How do we best manage an economy in which many people don’t have a salaried job? Michelle Wright discusses the move away from 9 to 5 employment in the arts.

External commitments

Photo of girl on phone at laptop
15 Feb 2016

When employees work freelance or have second jobs, issues can arise. Eleanor Deem explains how to avoid the pitfalls and reap the rewards.

Where are the career paths?

Photo of apprentice and mentor
18 Nov 2015

The creative sector is growing, so where are the jobs? Pauline Tambling squares up to the challenges facing young people and arts organisations. 

Pensions time-bomb to hit small arts organisations

Photo of a pay slip
30 Oct 2015

Many arts organisations will face increased payroll costs of up to 3% as pensions legislation starts to affect smaller employers.

First impressions

Photo of hands on a desk
29 Oct 2015

Might you be guilty of unconscious bias when recruiting? Eleanor Deem discusses what it is and how to avoid it.

Arts salary survey reveals stark gender pay gap

Photo of a statue of Blind Justice
22 Oct 2015

Full-time working women earn less than men doing the same level of work at all stages in their careers, with the gap at senior levels having grown since 2006.

A perfect placement

Photo of Group of trainees
15 Oct 2015

Unable to take on unpaid work, Salome Wagaine thought she might be excluded from a career in the arts. Then she found out about the Weston Jerwood Creative Bursaries scheme.

Developing vital skills

Photo of Festive Road event
15 Oct 2015

Tracey Gregory reports on the lifeline provided by Catalyst funding for six small arts organisations in Milton Keynes.

Work experience that works

Photo of Dan doing work experience
24 Sep 2015

Disappointed by a low take-up in its traineeship scheme, Curious Minds decided to shake things up and think about what disadvantaged young people really need and want, writes Derri Burdon.

Graduates need not apply

Photo of a woman sitting
22 Sep 2015

Recent arts graduate Gemma Whitham assesses the prospects for those, like her, seeking employment in the arts. 

A working life that works

Photo of audience at festival
09 Jul 2015

A production company run by two women with seven children between them is rewriting the rules that separate work and family life, explains Sarah Bird.

Structured salary systems

Photo of stacks of coins
20 May 2015

Do all arts organisations need a formal salary structure? Eleanor Deem discusses why they can be useful.

A future of dependent living

Photo of an aerial performance
19 Feb 2015

The closure of the Independent Living Fund and cuts to the Access to Work scheme will lead to a massive reduction in the number of disabled people participating and working in the mainstream arts world, warns Helen Bayliss.

Mental health in the workplace

Photo of a meeting
02 Feb 2015

As mental illness contributes significantly to the number of lost working days, Eleanor Deem advises employers to take a proactive approach when dealing with mental health issues.

Maternity matters

Photo of a pregnant woman
01 Dec 2014

Some small arts organisations do not deal with maternity leave as professionally and competently as they should, says Sally Lai.

Young people, good practice and the law

Photo of young people working
24 Nov 2014

Eleanor Deem gives some guidance on managing young people in both volunteer and paid roles.

Creative resources

Photo of scissors, a tape measure and pin cushion
20 Oct 2014

The UK’s creative industries are growing massively, but does the sector have the right skills in place for this to continue indefinitely, asks Monica Karpinski.

How flexible are you?

Photo of a man working from home with a child
27 Jun 2014

Changes in legislation on flexible working are coming into force. Eleanor Deem explains how employers can best deal with employees’ requests.

Investment in internships

Image of dance workshop
03 Mar 2014

Eastleigh Borough Council's Culture Unit is proud of the interns it has employed. Cheryl Butler describes the programme she has set up.

Accepting an imperfect candidate

Photo of  a job interview
19 Feb 2014

Eleanor Deem recommends a flexible approach when no single candidate appears to be the perfect fit for a job vacancy.


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