Open to all

09 Jun 2011

Jenny Secker on introductory arts courses for people with mental health problems.

Healthy prospects

09 Jun 2011

Amidst public funding cuts and the turmoil of health reform, Tim Joss sees a big future for arts in health

Forging an alliance

09 Jun 2011

Russell Wallis and Ann Wallis outline a route to supporting those working to deliver the arts and health agenda

Arts on prescription

09 Jun 2011

Following the success of ‘Singing on prescription’, Hilary Bungay explains how other artforms are getting involved

Breaking down the barriers

03 Feb 2011

Ruth Stevenson and Hannah Biggs explore how to make the arts more accessible for people with mental health problems

A social solution

a group of men in a band playing instruments outside a van
14 Jul 2008

Recent research by Theodore Stickley shows how arts projects can offer solutions to problems of identity, perception and society.


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