The personal touch

Image of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Lyric Hammersmith
02 Sep 2013

When we commissioned Jessica Hepburn to write about fundraising, she wondered if she really had anything new to say. She certainly has…

Whipping up a crowd

Image of large concert crowd
02 Sep 2013

As crowdfunding continues to make an impact, Sean Egan looks at its two forms and how the arts can take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

The art of merchandising

Image of the William Morris Gallery shop
13 May 2013

Linda Weston tells how the William Morris Gallery has recorded increased shop sales since its recent refurbishment.

Funding from friends and family

Image of pirate for crowd-funding promotion
11 Apr 2013

Lisa Mallaghan describes how friends, family and supporters rose to a crowd-funding challenge.

Changes to Gift Aid

Image of blue calculator
11 Apr 2013

The Small Charitable Donations Act has just been introduced but this change to Gift Aid is not such good news, according to Bill Lewis.

Fundraising made easy

Photo of people in theatre lobby
07 Mar 2013

David Dixon is convinced that fundraising in the arts sector is relatively easy, provided arts organisations make good use of all their resources.

Spotlight on payroll data

07 Mar 2013

Mahmood Reza explains ‘real-time information’, a significant change to payroll operations to be introduced in April.

On the brink

Photo of calculator and papers
07 Mar 2013

When arts organisations are teetering on the brink of insolvency, a Company Voluntary Arrangement may throw them a lifeline. Mahmood Reza explains how.

From small beginnings

Photo of Elliot Grove delivering a talk
05 Mar 2013

Elliot Grove tells how film school classes have contributed to the Raindance Film Festival becoming an international brand.

Beer money

Photo of people eating in Broad Chare
04 Feb 2013

Jim Beirne describes how a gastro pub has contributed a significant amount to Live Theatre’s funding for new plays.

Where there’s a will...

Photo of visitors to the Edinburgh Book Festival
12 Nov 2012

New Inheritance Tax rules mean that everyone will be better off giving 10% to charity rather than a lower percentage. Peter Shand explains why.

Charity shop fundraising

Ribbon cutting ceremony
16 Oct 2012

Beckie Smith tells how a charity shop is contributing to funding Tewkesbury’s theatre, The Roses.

Breathing Life Into In Memoriam Giving

Five colourful bunches of flowers
24 Aug 2012

In Memoriam giving remains one of the most under-developed and reactive methods of raising funds within the whole voluntary sector. Yet the opportunities it presents for both securing significant levels of income and building powerful, long-term relationships with supporters is almost unique. John Grain explains why.

Bringing heritage to life

Picture of colourful clocks made on the Times Ticking Away workshop
24 Aug 2012

Ambitious projects can still be financed through the unlikely source of the Heritage Lottery Fund (HLF). Alastair Fairley explains.

Defining values

02 Jul 2012

Julia Rowntree, with Russell Willis Taylor and Anna Ledgard, reveal how a focus on practical and effective ways to create real value can sit at the heart of successful fundraising

Mind the gap

11 Jun 2012

Has the time come for a new arts investment fund? Graham Henderson makes the case

Taxing gifts

Photo of present
21 May 2012

The recent budget has propelled charitable giving and tax into the media spotlight. Mahmood Reza explains what it’s all about, and how it could affect fundraising efforts.

Small is beautiful

30 Apr 2012

The success of Cockpit Arts’ business growth loan scheme highlights the potential for tailored micro finance in the arts. Ellen O’Hara shares their experience

Dancing for cash

19 Mar 2012

Mark Skipper describes the development of a fundraising campaign that is securing Northern Ballet’s full complement of dancers in the face of major funding cuts

Valuing investors

27 Feb 2012

Geoff Burnand and Margaret Bolton explain why the arts sector is of interest to mainstream investors


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