HMRC sets out rules for theatre tax breaks

War Horse
09 Oct 2015

Live performances to paying audiences are the main focus of the tax relief, but live streaming and educational productions will also qualify. 

Letter: The wheels turn slowly

Image of a letter
18 Aug 2015

Adrian Moule welcomes a report that encourages the UK's arts councils to offer loans.

Loans could ease pressure at touring companies

Photo of a Nuffield and English Touring Theatre production
13 Aug 2015

The UK’s arts councils are being urged to seek permission to use government funds to provide short-term loans.

Government prepares for Gift Aid reform

Photo of a Gift Aid promotion sticker
07 Aug 2015

Describing the current Gift Aid scheme as “no longer fit for purpose,” the Treasury is calling for evidence of the problems presented by rules that limit benefits to donors. 

Tax relief and the funding equation

Photo of a man and a woman in a production of The Shoemaker's Holiday
04 Jun 2015

Sean Egan believes the new Theatre Tax Relief signals a shift away from government support for the subsidised sector in favour of the commercial sector, and will cement a London-centric focus.

Crowdfunding for the great and small

Image of community activity at Spectrum Centre
19 Mar 2015

With little known about how small arts organisations can most effectively use crowdfunding, Oonagh Murphy decided to find out through leading a mentoring and development programme.

Attracting a diverse workforce

Photo of lots of coloured pencils
26 Feb 2015

At a time when fundraising for the arts seems mostly to be done by white females, Michelle Wright speaks to development professionals about how we can face this diversity crisis.

Rising, moving and crashing

Image of the bar at Firestation
19 Feb 2015

At The Firestation, Dan Eastmond has been experimenting with dynamic pricing. It’s still early days, but with rising income and no grumbling customers, the signs are positive.

Crowdfunding with a twist

Screenshot of the Lyric's campaign website
03 Feb 2015

Selling a new building’s fixtures, furnishings and finishing’s through the box office is a fundraising winner. Libby Penn explains how Lyric Hammersmith’s online capital campaign has been raising money and engaging audiences – one click at a time.

More tax relief!

View from the Tate Modern cafe
02 Jun 2014

Sean Egan shares some good news – another form of tax relief that will benefit charities and social enterprises.

Theatre tax relief for all

Photo of a theatre production - a party
28 Apr 2014

Sean Egan takes a long-term view of the proposed theatre tax relief, suggesting how it could benefit subsidised and commercial theatre companies.

All change in financial accounting

Image of calculator and accounts
15 Apr 2014

Financial accounting changes are rare but a new financial reporting standard is to be introduced next year. Mahmood Reza explains what FRS102 will mean for many arts organisations.

A tough month

Image of crowd-funding page
19 Mar 2014

Crowd-funding was a rough but eventually successful ride for Gill Kirk. She reveals the highs and lows of her month-long campaign.

Trading, tax and risk

Image of a meeting room
25 Nov 2013

What are the implications for arts organisations engaging in ‘non-primary purpose trading’, such as hiring out a room? Sean Egan gives an overview.

Commercial collaborations

Image of Turandot at Royal Opera House
19 Nov 2013

The Royal Opera House has been sharpening its commercial agenda over recent years. Alastair Roberts describes how it has developed its brand licensing and media activities.

The purpose of planning

Image of a signpost pointing to success and failure
14 Oct 2013

Mahmood Reza, a big fan of business planning, explains why it is vital and demystifies some of the terms and tools commonly used.

What prevents rich people from giving?

Image of money
30 Sep 2013

Theresa Lloyd and Beth Breeze share some insights from their study of the attitudes and habits of potential donors.

The personal touch

Image of A Midsummer Night’s Dream at Lyric Hammersmith
02 Sep 2013

When we commissioned Jessica Hepburn to write about fundraising, she wondered if she really had anything new to say. She certainly has…

Whipping up a crowd

Image of large concert crowd
02 Sep 2013

As crowdfunding continues to make an impact, Sean Egan looks at its two forms and how the arts can take advantage of the opportunities it offers.

The art of merchandising

Image of the William Morris Gallery shop
13 May 2013

Linda Weston tells how the William Morris Gallery has recorded increased shop sales since its recent refurbishment.


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