Anti-poverty goals climb the arts agenda

Stormont, Belfast
19 Aug 2013

The culture ministries in Wales and Northern Ireland have set out plans to put social inclusion at the heart of their policy-making.

Taking positive action

A photo of Permeate fellows
10 Jul 2013

Jenny Williams is looking forward to the day when our national cultural institutions are led by a beautiful diversity of people across age, gender and culture.

Mind the gender gap

Image of woman entering kitchen cupboard
08 Jul 2013

Willemijn Zandt explores the quest to achieve equality between the sexes by looking at the visual art market.

Arts and peace

Image from Belfast Mela
08 Jul 2013

The Arts Council of Northern Ireland is committed to promoting equality, as demonstrated in its first Intercultural Arts Strategy.

A different agenda…

23 Jul 2012

Viram Jasani sees ACE’s rejection of the Asian Music Circuit’s NPO bid (AP255) as symptomatic of its ambivalence towards race equality and diversity

Access is everything

21 May 2012

Suzanne Bull makes the case for disabled access to be at the heart of music venues’ strategic plans – not an afterthought

From the margin to the mainstream

30 Apr 2012

Niranjan Kamatkar reflects on the impact of society’s slowly changing attitudes towards homosexuality on LGBTQI artists

Producing equality

06 Feb 2012

Dan Baker on what can be done about gender inequality in theatre

In search of diverse outcomes

12 Dec 2011

Jenny Williams says it’s time to stop ‘parachuting in’ arts projects to diverse communities and instead to support those communities to take the lead

Diverse future

29 Aug 2011

Tony Panayiotou looks at what the ACE’s new policy will do to increase diversity in the arts

ACE grapples with equality

03 May 2011

Organisations’ shortcomings contribute to Arts Council England dilemmas over funding diversity

Politics and participation

03 Feb 2011

Toby Lowe considers the role that participatory arts can play in social inclusion


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