Environmental art in the city

Image of Seed to Seed exhibition
09 Jun 2014

Laura Coleman explains why she went ahead and set up an arts organisation to explore environmental art, despite the advice of many people.

Energy evidence paints mixed picture

12 Dec 2013

New reporting on environmental impact has generated baseline figures, but progress is being hindered by lack of data.

Natural progression

Image of dancer at Craigieburn Gardens
13 Jun 2013

Leah Black explains how Spring Fling, originally a visual arts and craft event, has attracted new visitors by embracing nature and the environment.

A powerful performance

Image of wind turbine at Glyndebourne
09 May 2013

Gus Christie tells the story of Glyndebourne's wind turbine, the first to be commissioned by an arts organisation.

Taking green steps

Photo of a solar power unit
07 Mar 2013

Ben Challis shares some tips on how festivals can reduce their environmental impact.

Exploring the festival model

Photo of 'Tree of light' celebration
07 Feb 2013

The British Arts Festivals Association’s Capacity to Endure conference last year focussed on how festivals should be valued as an integral and sustainable part of society.

The art of future-building

21 May 2012

Bridget McKenzie makes the case for a more eco-conscious arts sector, working to help restore the biosphere and generate capital from it

The happy museum

21 May 2012

Tony Butler describes a project which is encouraging cultural institutions to respond to the challenge of nurturing community wellbeing and improving environmental sustainability

Funding agreements will require green response

27 Feb 2012

Arts Council’s NPOs will have to reduce their environmental impact under new funding agreements

Leading by example

31 Oct 2011

Ben Twist examines the impact that Edinburgh’s Festivals are having on the attitudes and behaviour of its audiences and its artists

Emerging concerns

31 Oct 2011

Cynnal Cymru – Sustain Wales, an independent not-for-profit company, is working closely with the Welsh Government to promote understanding of and action on Sustainable Development

Greening the screen

31 Oct 2011

Hosting the inaugural UK Green Film Festivals seemed like a natural way of showcasing the environmental work that has been going on behind the scenes at Glasgow Film Theatre. Rachael Loughlan explains.

Learning from each other

31 Oct 2011

A partnership between wildlife managers and artists has enabled a programme of hands-on environmental learning to inspire school children and the wider community in the North East. Joe Dunne tells the story.

No more excuses

31 Oct 2011

The rationale for making environmental sustainability a strategic priority, and the resources to help do it, are all available now. It’s time to take action, says Sholeh Johnson

Small steps – big rewards

31 Oct 2011

The Theatres Trust is in the second year of a project helping 48 small- to medium-sized performing arts venues across London improve their environmental performance. Tim Atkinson reports on findings so far


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