Reaching the ‘pick and mix’ audience

12 Dec 2011

Clarie Middleton says achieving diversity needs a holistic approach

Diversity in rhythm

12 Dec 2011

Emma Dolman describes the diversity of the Black Rhythm exhibition held as part of Black History month

In search of diverse outcomes

12 Dec 2011

Jenny Williams says it’s time to stop ‘parachuting in’ arts projects to diverse communities and instead to support those communities to take the lead

The business case for diversity in building adaptive resilience

12 Dec 2011

Businesses where people look, sound and think the same are playing a high risk game, says Mark Robinson

Diverse future

29 Aug 2011

Tony Panayiotou looks at what the ACE’s new policy will do to increase diversity in the arts

ACE grapples with equality

03 May 2011

Organisations’ shortcomings contribute to Arts Council England dilemmas over funding diversity

An able board

a woman seated speaking to a man in a wheelchair at a seminar
03 May 2011

A diverse board can be of great benefit to an organisation. Charlotte Jones highlights the importance of having board members from different backgrounds.

Opportunities abound

11 Apr 2011

Rohan Gunatillake took a trip to Texas to discover the next wave of technologies that are set to revolutionise the arts sector

Looking ahead

17 Jan 2011

Dick Penny, Managing Director of Watershed

Diversity measures failing?

Photo of man standing by window
10 May 2010

A decade of diversity practice shows little has changed within Regularly Funded Organisations.

Deafened by decibel?

Photo of graffiti - two men shouting
28 Jun 2004

Munira Mirza thinks anti-racist policies in the arts can sometimes fuel racial tensions rather than appease them.

Towards racial equality - or just ticking boxes?

Man adjusting tie
30 Jun 2003

The general perception that arts organisations are full of nice people has led to a general assumption that cultural prejudice could not possibly exist. But institutional racism is evident throughout the arts, says Heather Newill.


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