A cold wind

Image of exterior of Tate Modern
09 May 2013

How can we make sure that physical access improvements remain a priority despite current economic constraints? David Bonnett has some suggestions.

Improvisation in action

Image of prison performance
11 Apr 2013

Alex Fradera and Julia Pöhlmann explain why improvisational theatre is so effective at breaking down the barriers between prisoners and society.

The art of playfulness

21 May 2012

Play is a fundamental part of artistic projects that aim to improve the lives of disabled people, says Ciara Brennan

Tapping feet to the beat

21 May 2012

Rebecca Taylor describes how the refreshing approach of a disability charity is leading its members to embrace the “cosmic dance of creative energy”

Access is everything

21 May 2012

Suzanne Bull makes the case for disabled access to be at the heart of music venues’ strategic plans – not an afterthought

Reasons to be cheerful

09 Apr 2012

Cath Wilkins looks to the future for inclusive dance

A positive choice

03 May 2011

Jenny Taylor shares Shape’s vision for disabled people to participate fully in the arts and cultural sector, and looks at the potential barriers to this


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