Take us seriously!

Artist Thompson Hall at work
02 Dec 2013

The Creative Minds project asks how the work of artists with a learning disability can best join the mainstream. Mark Richardson explains.

The arts in a box

Image of children playing on sofa at Bloomsbury Festival
30 Sep 2013

The Bloomsbury Festival in a Box outreach scheme is tackling cultural exclusion, reports Cathy Mager.

Not out of Africa

Image of  Lillian Mbabazi leading a school workshop in Blackpool
23 Sep 2013

Working in partnership with a Ugandan arts organisation has been a fraught experience (an understatement) for Blackpool’s TramShed, but as Zac Hackett and Marge Ainsley report, they are not giving up.

Arts organisations fall down on the marketing of accessible events

Individual in a wheelchair watches arts event
06 Sep 2013

Improvements in physical access for disabled people have not been matched by better strategies to attract audiences, says new report.  

Book Review: Project Art Works Anthology 1997-2012

03 Jul 2013

Maggie Hampton finds immensely vibrant and powerful art in Project Art Works Anthology.

Job Ladder

A photo of Judith Kilvington
06 Jun 2013

The new Executive Director of Citizens Theatre, Glasgow, Judith Kilvington, guides us through her career to date.

Inspired to continue

Image of dancer in rehearsal
22 May 2013

Isabel Jones talks to Esther Harris about the inspiration behind her recent work with visually impaired dance performers.

A slow journey

Image of wheelchair
09 May 2013

Tony Heaton reflects on how far we have come to make arts buildings accessible to all.

A cold wind

Image of exterior of Tate Modern
09 May 2013

How can we make sure that physical access improvements remain a priority despite current economic constraints? David Bonnett has some suggestions.

Improvisation in action

Image of prison performance
11 Apr 2013

Alex Fradera and Julia Pöhlmann explain why improvisational theatre is so effective at breaking down the barriers between prisoners and society.

Access is everything

21 May 2012

Suzanne Bull makes the case for disabled access to be at the heart of music venues’ strategic plans – not an afterthought

The art of playfulness

21 May 2012

Play is a fundamental part of artistic projects that aim to improve the lives of disabled people, says Ciara Brennan

Tapping feet to the beat

21 May 2012

Rebecca Taylor describes how the refreshing approach of a disability charity is leading its members to embrace the “cosmic dance of creative energy”


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