Developing digital public space

Image of FACT a Connecting Cities project
10 Feb 2014

The growing demand for a digital public space, displaying work outside galleries through a variety of visual media, excites Mike Stubbs.

Managing your membership scheme

Image of National Arts Pass card
03 Feb 2014

In Alex Youel’s second article on membership schemes, he shines a light on operational aspects as the scheme grows.

Energy evidence paints mixed picture

12 Dec 2013

New reporting on environmental impact has generated baseline figures, but progress is being hindered by lack of data.

Gauging digital depth

Image of tablet showing cultural sector web page
19 Nov 2013

What sets the 'cultural digerati' apart from the rest? Hasan Bakhshi reflects on the findings of the ‘Digital Culture’ research into how arts and cultural organisations are using digital technology.

Creating web content in context

Image of Drupal front page
29 May 2013

John Birchall discusses the potential conflicts and tensions behind creating future-proof web content.

Fundraising made easy

Photo of people in theatre lobby
07 Mar 2013

David Dixon is convinced that fundraising in the arts sector is relatively easy, provided arts organisations make good use of all their resources.

Diversity planning

Photo of four female performers in Snakes and Ladders
07 Mar 2013

Jenny Williams suggests some questions the arts sector should be asking in response to the 2011 Census findings relating to ethnicity/identity and migration.

Sector misses out on the ‘big data opportunity’

28 Feb 2013

A philosophy of dependence, subsidy and market failure are divorcing the cultural sector from the benefits of data-driven policy and strategy, says Nesta report.

The source of being smart

10 Dec 2012

What does working smarter in the arts sector mean? Julie Tait describes a project exploring staffing, technology and audience data.

Personal connections

10 Dec 2012

Now that ticketing means interfacing with customers via websites, smartphones and social media, Roger Tomlinson reviews the advances into personal territory.

Marketing with customer insight

Photo of exterior of Grove Theatre, Dunstable
09 Oct 2012

When it opened in 2009 the cinema screen at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable saw average audiences of about 40 people, but data-led marketing has worked wonders, explains Claire McFauld.

iPaddy power

23 Jul 2012

Ellie Manwell explains how bringing digital technology into the gallery space is helping Dulwich Picture Gallery enhance the visitor experience and connect with audiences

Who’s using your personal data?

21 May 2012

Roger Tomlinson treads carefully in the minefield of EU Privacy Directives and the so-called ‘UK cookie law’ which comes into force next week

If you treasure it, measure it?

21 May 2012

The wellbeing agenda is developing alongside a demand for evidence-based practice. Daniel Callcut explores what this means for arts organisations

Keeping supporters sweet

30 Apr 2012

Christopher Goodhart extols the virtues, and the business case, for ensuring data accuracy in supporter communications


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