Henley reviewed

19 Mar 2012

The recently published Henley Review of Cultural Education could have wide-ranging implications for the arts sector. AP invited Kenneth Olumuyiwa Tharp and Steve Moffitt to share their reflections on it

Dancing for cash

19 Mar 2012

Mark Skipper describes the development of a fundraising campaign that is securing Northern Ballet’s full complement of dancers in the face of major funding cuts

High-performance dancing

27 Feb 2012

Daniel Topolski sees many parallels between the challenges facing sports coaches and dance leaders

Hip-op to hip-hop

06 Feb 2012

Pavilion Dance harnessed a booming summer tourist market to help make a place for itself on an emerging cultural scene. Jo O’Connell tells all

My Gurus

06 Feb 2012

Isabel Tamen salutes the inspiring people in her life

Theatrical clap-trap

16 Jan 2012

Lise Smith asks when did UK audiences start walking out?

A permanent record

12 Dec 2011

Deborah Baddoo explains how State of Emergency Productions is working to have the history of British Black dance recognised, valued and accessed by the widest possible audience

Inspired to stand firm

21 Nov 2011

There is a thin line between bullying and giving constructive criticism.Nicola Harvey suggests some coping strategies if things start to get out of hand.

Dance in schools fights back onto the agenda

10 Oct 2011

A parliamentary debate follows up on Ministerial comments devaluing dance in the curriculum

Dance UK challenges Willetts

29 Aug 2011

Caroline Miller responds to David Willetts’ comments about A-level dance

When the going gets tough…

25 Jul 2011

Ralph Lister on what’s next for Somerset’s arts

Chantal Guevara

25 Jul 2011

Chantal Guevara shares the websites she wouldn’t be without


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