Chantal Guevara

25 Jul 2011

Chantal Guevara shares the websites she wouldn’t be without

When the going gets tough…

25 Jul 2011

Ralph Lister on what’s next for Somerset’s arts

Cover your back

23 May 2011

Paula Hawthorne explains what you need to know about cancellation insurance

Consequences of conflict

23 May 2011

Rosie Kay explains how a dance project helped her to empathise with and understand the demands that soldiers face on active duty

Onwards and upwards

03 May 2011

Vicki Balaam on how the integrated dance landscape has changed and is continuing to develop

No change is good news

11 Apr 2011

Roger Tomlinson on our story about audience development

At least two to tango

21 Mar 2011

Ildikó Takács considers how the universal language of dance can encourage cross-cultural collaboration and work

All in this together

28 Feb 2011

William Shaw describes a project where even the local residents joined in to make it successful

New Work Place scheme for dancers

07 Feb 2011

Dance development programme responds to the needs of independent practitioners

Breaking down the barriers

03 Feb 2011

Ruth Stevenson and Hannah Biggs explore how to make the arts more accessible for people with mental health problems


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