More dancing

Image of dance workshop in school
16 Sep 2013

The government’s new primary sports funding will increase dance provision in primary schools. Sally Fort urges dance practitioners and companies to get involved.

New research reveals links between culture, health and happiness

Crowd watching street theatre
20 Aug 2013

A survey in Scotland has found that people who engage in culture are more likely to report good health and life satisfaction than those who do not.

Inspired to continue

Image of dancer in rehearsal
22 May 2013

Isabel Jones talks to Esther Harris about the inspiration behind her recent work with visually impaired dance performers.

Picturehouse to take on Rambert home

Rambert Moves
07 May 2013

The company plans to convert the property to a five-screen cinema with bar and café.

New guidance will break down barriers to staging community performances

Panto cast
12 Apr 2013

Current guidelines are being rewritten to make it less daunting for volunteers to run community events.

Forever inspired?

Image of the Big Dance at St Pancras
04 Apr 2013

London 2012 promised to inspire a generation in both sport and the arts. Recent research makes Moira Swinbank believe that this is happening but the funding must continue, as well as the buy-in from decision-makers.

Job Ladder

Cath James by Nick White
07 Mar 2013

Cath James tells how she has progressed through her career.

From small beginnings

Photo of Elliot Grove delivering a talk
05 Mar 2013

Elliot Grove tells how film school classes have contributed to the Raindance Film Festival becoming an international brand.

Recovering from shock

Photo of Elemental Force
04 Mar 2013

Times of austerity and pending funding cuts from the public purse are actually opportunities to develop new ways of working, potentially leading to greater long-term sustainability, according to Stephen Munn.

For the love of dance

Labyrinth of Love
06 Feb 2013

Joan Duda, a guest speaker at DanceEast’s rural retreat held in January, discusses the importance of a dancer’s ‘quality motivation’ and empowerment.

Older men moving

Older men dancing
04 Feb 2013

Fergus Early is excited about the funding Green Candle Dance Company has secured for a dance and exercise project for groups of older men.

Belly dancing beats ballroom

Photo of rehearsal at ARC
04 Feb 2013

Annabel Turpin reports on how ARC’s silver programme is responsive to the needs of the target group − and that’s not ballroom dancing and basket-weaving.

BollyWalking to better health

Photo of rehearsing hand movements at a dementia workshop
04 Feb 2013

‘Ageing artfully’ has introduced vulnerable older people to BollyWalking. Christina Christou and John Pinder of Akademi explain all.

Old and young unite

Photo of DU Dance performance
04 Feb 2013

Jane Coyle tells how DU Dance’s inter-generational programme has recently seen a dance performance by women of all ages, including some in their eighties.

Speak up for dance

16 Jan 2013

Neil Nisbet says tweeting links to petitions is a poor substitute for consistent participation by the dance sector in discussions about the profession and culture in general.

Dance leaders focus on dance

International dance leaders meeting
08 Jan 2013

Positive thinking among dance leaders, who make an international commitment to collaboration.


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