One Dance UK to become new voice for dance

Dancers in hall
10 Dec 2015

A new organisation will combine the expertise and resources of four former dance organisations to offer a more comprehensive package of support to the dance sector.

Inspired to dance

Photo of children in dance workshop
12 Nov 2015

There are many barriers to young people engaging in dance. Amy Dalton explains how a programme in Lincolnshire schools is getting around them, and why it’s so important.

A boost for inclusive dance

Photo of Wheelfever performance
05 Nov 2015

Linda Jasper reveals how U.Dance festival got more young disabled performers involved than ever before.

Growth for regional theatres as ticket prices rise

Photo of people queuing for Wicked tickets
04 Nov 2015

More theatre goers enjoyed a greater choice of productions in 2014, according to the first comprehensive analysis of sales data from UK Theatre venues.

My Gurus – Sharon Watson

Photo of Sharon Watson
14 Oct 2015

Phoenix Dance Theatre’s Sharon Watson tells us about the people who have guided and inspired her pioneering career.

Children and young people are dancing less

Photo of children dancing
31 Jul 2015

A significant drop in the number of young people participating in dance is being masked in government statistics by an increase in those making films and going to the cinema.

In praise of parenting skills

Photo of two women
09 Jul 2015

The arts need leaders who can convey a clear vision and empower their staff. Well, parents practice these skills every day and it’s time we started valuing their experience, says Justine Themen.

The chance to dance

Photo of two dancers
02 Jul 2015

Kelly-Anne Collins shares the story of how one dance support network diversified – creating a platform to showcase new work – and may just have triggered a revolution for dance in Northern Ireland in the process.

Dancing in the streets

Photo of performers in A dance WE made
11 Jun 2015

Creating accidental audiences, be it on beaches, in shopping centres or at bus stops, is increasing the number of people who feel comfortable with contemporary dance, believes Sophie Inkster.

Eight research proposals to share almost £1.4m

Photo of girl dancing
05 Jun 2015

Universities will partner arts organisations to deliver robust research outcomes that will make the case for investment in culture.

Measuring the impact of dance

Photo of people dancing
26 May 2015

The debate about how to evaluate arts in health projects is being furthered by a new dance programme for people with Parkinson’s disease, says Sara Houston.

ENB and school move to joint new home

CGI mock-up of how new site will look
22 May 2015

A new home in City Island, East London, will allow facilities to be shared between the ballet companies.

Dance solutions for the future

Photo of dancers performing
21 May 2015

Tense and lively discussions at Dance UK’s recent conference will form the basis of a five-year strategy for dance, says Caroline Miller.

Dance organisations combine to create “go-to” industry body

Photo of a dance performance
27 Mar 2015

By pooling resources and expertise the consortium aims to become a strong and efficient voice for the dance sector.

Return of the customer

Photo of Sadler's Wells exterior
26 Mar 2015

An in-depth project examining Sadler’s Wells’ ‘customer journey’ has resulted in a much more relevant and targeted approach, which should ensure that customers stay happy and, crucially, return. Hannah Mitchell reports.

Art’s labour’s lost

Blackboard: Time for Change
20 Mar 2015

Despite decades of investment in audience development and the current enthusiasm for all things data, arts organisations still aren’t getting it, says Michael Nabarro.

A passion for dance

Imgae of jumping ambassadors
12 Mar 2015

Youth Dance England’s Ambassador programme offers young people the chance to satisfy their passion for dance as well as develop valuable career skills, says Claire Somerville.

Learning to be a leader in a weekend

Image of aspiring leaders at Rural Retreats
26 Feb 2015

Following a recent weekend for aspiring dance leaders, Brendan Keaney is sure that in just a few days the participants were able to take important steps on the road to leadership.

A future of dependent living

Photo of an aerial performance
19 Feb 2015

The closure of the Independent Living Fund and cuts to the Access to Work scheme will lead to a massive reduction in the number of disabled people participating and working in the mainstream arts world, warns Helen Bayliss.

My Gurus

19 Feb 2015

Independent dance producer and consultant Gwen Van Spijk reflects on those who have guided and inspired her. 


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