Review calls for more arts involvement in the built environment

digital impression of a garden on a bridge across the Thames
20 Aug 2014

The contribution that the cultural sector can make to the planning, design and animation of the public realm and architecture should be reinforced, according to an independent review commissioned by the Culture Minister.

Scotland continues to embrace culture

18 Aug 2014

Festival-going is on the increase, though cinema and reading for pleasure are still the most popular forms of cultural engagement.

Amateurs match up in the eyes of audiences

Three school girls on a swing
14 Aug 2014

Audiences draw limited distinctions between subsidised, commercial and amateur theatre and dance performances, according to new research investigating perceptions of cultural value.

U-turn in Liverpool brings recognition for buskers

14 Aug 2014

A pioneering collaboration between the city, performers, the MU and local businesses has led to new policy and guidelines aimed at making the most of street entertainment.

Consultation on arts exam reforms

Photo of students in an art class
22 Jul 2014

New proposals for GCSEs and A levels specify the subject content of arts subject qualifications from 2016.

Job Ladder

Photo of Jane Greenfield
22 Jul 2014

Jane Greenfield, Director of Home Live Art, shares the details of her career in dance, landscape and heritage, and the benefits of daring to be different.

The art of risk

Image of Art of Risk conference
21 Jul 2014

Matthew Boswell reports on a symposium organised by Opera North and the University of Leeds and the beginning of a timely new conversation about risk.

Yes or no, that is the answer

Image of girl and painting
17 Jul 2014

For readers in the rest of the UK, Christine Hamilton reflects on how the Scottish arts world has responded to the independence referendum.

Touring organisations fight ACE decision to cut funding

Photo of a production featuring a jeering crowd
11 Jul 2014

NPOs that focus on touring and those working with young people were twice as likely to experience cuts in the latest round of funding.

Lottery pretence ends as funding streams merge

Photo of  London Coliseum
11 Jul 2014

End of an era for ‘additionality’ as Arts Council England grants major players three-year NPO funding from Lottery, while strategic funding is to be drawn interchangeably from Lottery and Grant in Aid.

Museum and gallery visits reach all-time high

Photo of the Arnolfini in Bristol
10 Jul 2014

Visits to museums and galleries soar, while arts engagement remains static across most of England, and charitable donations fall.

Status quo preserved in Arts Council's NPO funding round

Photo of Woman in costume at Notting Hill Carnival
02 Jul 2014

Arts Council England’s National Portfolio sees a net loss of 20 organisations in the North but only 9 in London. “Maths” errors led to the number of companies cut completely and the number with reduced funding being understated in ACE’s NPO announcement.

Renewed calls for an end to oil sponsorship

Photo of a woman with oil on her face in the NPG
27 Jun 2014

The National Portrait Gallery has previously rejected tobacco money and campaigners are calling on it to be a trailblazer again for the cultural sector by ending its relationship with BP.

Ministers focus on cultural heavyweights

Photo of Bruce Springsteen on stage
30 May 2014

London’s major institutions dominate the list of those who met with and entertained England’s Culture Secretary and Culture Minister in 2013. 

Big numbers

Image of Big Dance Pledge in Edinburgh
26 May 2014

James Allenby describes how a few innovations made the Big Dance Pledge, the international mass participation dance event, bigger than ever.

Job Ladder

Photo of Jonathan Manners
22 May 2014

Jonathan Manners takes us through the career steps that led him to be Chief Executive of the Academy of Ancient Music.

A successful experiment

Image of artists in Joy Experiment
12 May 2014

Mila Oshin describes a cross-artform showcase that presents the work of like-minded artists, many of whom have been ‘emerging’ for their whole careers.

Re-inventing the gallery

Image of poster for Prime Studios
12 May 2014

Prime Studios in Windsor is a space for artists to work, interact and display their art. Dan Eastmond explains why he wants it to be different.

In a room full of foreigners

Image of trumpeter
08 May 2014

UK membership of the European Union gives cultural organisations access to a wide variety of funds and initiatives. Why are we not bothered? asks Julie Ward.

Moving masterpieces

Image of crates at Art14
22 Apr 2014

Moving artworks around the world is a complex and costly process. Michael Festenstein advises on how it can be done carefully and cost-effectively.


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