Culture budget pays for tourism agenda

Photo of people crossing The Millennium Bridge in front of Tate Modern
13 Feb 2015

Free admission at DCMS-funded museums and galleries has helped boost visits by foreign tourists by almost 40% since 2008/9, while visits from within the UK have increased by just 3% during this same period.

A personal approach

Image of circus performance
09 Feb 2015

How do you attract audiences to see contemporary dance companies that they may never have heard of? Jeanette Siddall has some ideas.

Art won’t look after itself

Photo of a man painting outside
22 Jan 2015

As the Lords debate shines a spotlight on the Government’s support of artists, Susan Jones reviews the current situation.

A playful day at the museum

Image of people with paper on heads
19 Jan 2015

Can and should museums be playful places? Anna Bunney and Charlotte Derry believe so and are on a mission to discover how best to create the right conditions for play.

Open dance house

Photo of dancers in class
15 Dec 2014

For a week in October Rambert invited the public to view rehearsals and training, and take part in choreography and dance classes. Joce Giles judges it a success.

My Gurus

03 Dec 2014

The new Managing Director of Sistema England, Fiona Cunningham, pays tribute to those who have inspired her over the course of her career.

Mobile technology to the rescue

Photo of the Giant Spectacular
27 Nov 2014

Un-ticketed venues and events can now gather data that will give them the level of customer insight that performing arts venues have long enjoyed through their box office systems. Hannah Mitchell explains how. 

Belief in the individual

Image of 2014 award recipients
17 Nov 2014

The Paul Hamlyn Foundation’s Awards for Artists scheme has just celebrated its twentieth year. Sarah Jane Dooley gives an insight into how the scheme works.

On the road (sometimes with a JCB)

Image of performance of Broken
17 Nov 2014

International touring has given Motionhouse greater confidence and is a crucial element in the company's plans for the future. Louise Richards explains why she plans ahead - and is ready for surprises.

Busy buildings

Image of Cast, Doncaster
12 Nov 2014

Barry Pritchard says that new arts buildings must be inclusive, exciting and adaptable if they are to widen engagement and genuinely regenerate a town or city centre.

Talking on tour

Image of Border Tales
29 Oct 2014

A new touring model capitalising on word-of-mouth recommendations indicates that touring is not dead after all. Jo Towler explains.

Liverpool Everyman scoops highest architectural award

Photo of Liverpool Everyman
17 Oct 2014

The Stirling Prize-winning building is described as “a ground-breaking example of how to build a daring bold and highly sustainable large public building in a historic city centre”.

The arts, sport or supper?

Image from Royal Ballet's Sleeping Beauty
29 Sep 2014

How can the arts, and ballet in particular, show that they represent value for money? David Jays compares a trip to the theatre or ballet with some similarly prestigious events.

Theatre is for everyone

Image of children in the Tempest workshop
08 Sep 2014

Within the past year the RSC has integrated relaxed performances into its season planning. Jacqui O’Hanlon tells how this has come about.

A playful outdoor world

Image of children in letter
08 Sep 2014

Kazzum stopped creating work for young audiences in indoor spaces to focus on the outdoor arts sector. Daryl Beeton explains why.

Review calls for more arts involvement in the built environment

digital impression of a garden on a bridge across the Thames
20 Aug 2014

The contribution that the cultural sector can make to the planning, design and animation of the public realm and architecture should be reinforced, according to an independent review commissioned by the Culture Minister.

Scotland continues to embrace culture

18 Aug 2014

Festival-going is on the increase, though cinema and reading for pleasure are still the most popular forms of cultural engagement.

Amateurs match up in the eyes of audiences

Three school girls on a swing
14 Aug 2014

Audiences draw limited distinctions between subsidised, commercial and amateur theatre and dance performances, according to new research investigating perceptions of cultural value.

U-turn in Liverpool brings recognition for buskers

14 Aug 2014

A pioneering collaboration between the city, performers, the MU and local businesses has led to new policy and guidelines aimed at making the most of street entertainment.


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