Status quo preserved in Arts Council's NPO funding round

Photo of Woman in costume at Notting Hill Carnival
02 Jul 2014

Arts Council England’s National Portfolio sees a net loss of 20 organisations in the North but only 9 in London. “Maths” errors led to the number of companies cut completely and the number with reduced funding being understated in ACE’s NPO announcement.

Renewed calls for an end to oil sponsorship

Photo of a woman with oil on her face in the NPG
27 Jun 2014

The National Portrait Gallery has previously rejected tobacco money and campaigners are calling on it to be a trailblazer again for the cultural sector by ending its relationship with BP.

Ministers focus on cultural heavyweights

Photo of Bruce Springsteen on stage
30 May 2014

London’s major institutions dominate the list of those who met with and entertained England’s Culture Secretary and Culture Minister in 2013. 

Big numbers

Image of Big Dance Pledge in Edinburgh
26 May 2014

James Allenby describes how a few innovations made the Big Dance Pledge, the international mass participation dance event, bigger than ever.

Job Ladder

Photo of Jonathan Manners
22 May 2014

Jonathan Manners takes us through the career steps that led him to be Chief Executive of the Academy of Ancient Music.

A successful experiment

Image of artists in Joy Experiment
12 May 2014

Mila Oshin describes a cross-artform showcase that presents the work of like-minded artists, many of whom have been ‘emerging’ for their whole careers.

Re-inventing the gallery

Image of poster for Prime Studios
12 May 2014

Prime Studios in Windsor is a space for artists to work, interact and display their art. Dan Eastmond explains why he wants it to be different.

In a room full of foreigners

Image of trumpeter
08 May 2014

UK membership of the European Union gives cultural organisations access to a wide variety of funds and initiatives. Why are we not bothered? asks Julie Ward.

Moving masterpieces

Image of crates at Art14
22 Apr 2014

Moving artworks around the world is a complex and costly process. Michael Festenstein advises on how it can be done carefully and cost-effectively.

Committee releases evidence in readiness for first hearing

Photo of John Whittingdale
21 Mar 2014

The first written evidence to be published by the Culture, Media and Sport Select Committee reveals deep divisions in the sector over the London/regions funding balance.

Facing the unfamiliar

Image of young people in Songlines project
19 Mar 2014

Kate Reynolds describes a multi-arts project for young people with autism spectrum disorder that has gone off the beaten track and now includes others without the condition.

Culture to be given equal consideration in local plans

Photo of Liverpool
14 Mar 2014

Guidelines for cultural planning are included in new Government Planning Practice Guidance.

A second production line

Image of set for Marriage
12 Mar 2014

Ten years ago Belgrade Theatre Coventry had to find new sources of income. Joanna Reid tells how its production services subsidiary is now contributing £400,000 a year.

A story of survival

Image of Nottingham's Theatre Royal and Royal Concert Hall
12 Mar 2014

How did Robert Sanderson turn an overspending council-run facility into a theatre and concert hall thriving without subsidy? Erik Peterson tells the story.

A call for a richer repertoire

Image of Chroma
26 Feb 2014

David Jays explores the pressures on ballet's artistic directors who are frustrated by a narrow repertoire.

Digital fitness for all

Image of Stellar Quines
10 Feb 2014

AmbITion Scotland’s Make:IT:Happen fund aims to help Scotland’s cultural sector become digitally fitter. Ashley Smith-Hammond discusses its approach and some early results.

My Gurus

22 Jan 2014

Russ Tunney, Director of Pound Arts Trust, tells us who has inspired him most.

New figures strengthen the economic case

Violinist plays in a band
17 Jan 2014

Employment in music and the performing and visual arts has been growing more slowly than in the rest of the creative economy, but their financial performance is forging ahead.

A sister in Sydney

Image of Bankstown Arts Centre, Sydney
16 Jan 2014

Black theatre company Nitro has recently opened a sister company in Sydney, Australia. Felix Cross tells how it has all been possible.

Job Ladder

28 Nov 2013

Fiona Allan charts her career path to Curve Theatre.


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