Good neighbours

19 Sep 2011

Steve Ball looks forward to Birmingham Repertory Theatre's ambitious plans for working with community libraries over the next two years

Not an add-on

29 Aug 2011

Creative Partnerships is about to end. Naranee Ruthra-Rajan shares some thoughts about what its Change Schools programme has achieved

Uncharted territory

29 Aug 2011

Daniel Jones on the education projects around Plymouth’s first ever British Art Show

Nights out all round

25 Jul 2011

When it comes to drama and music, traditional concert halls and theatres are not the only places where you can get your cultural fix, writes Sian James

Bigger and better

21 Mar 2011

Robin Simpson tries to unravel what ‘Big Society’ might mean for amateur arts groups

Selling a stake

13 Dec 2010

In the first of our brand new series on strategies for financial sustainability, Gwilym Gibbons explains how his organisation is exploiting its intellectual property

Vetting and barring

27 Sep 2010

Organisations working with children and vulnerable adults are subject to a plethora of rules and regulations. Keith Arrowsmith explains how you can work safely and legally

Waving or drowning?

26 Aug 2010

Shaun Belcher debates ideas on how to improve community arts

Plug in to the matrix

26 Aug 2010

How can local authorities develop cultural leadership? Kathleen O’Neill explains how matrix management transformed Scotland’s smallest region

The good, the bad and the uncomfortable

Photo of person holding torn photo
09 Feb 2009

Kooj Chuhan examines the dangerous lives being lived on our doorstep, and looks at how artists can support migrants and refugees.


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