One size fits one

30 Apr 2012

Mary Paterson reflects on the different meanings of collaboration

Museums are from Mars

30 Apr 2012

Claire Gulliver shares the experiences of a region-wide programme to build collaborations between artists and museums

The future of collaboration

30 Apr 2012

Following the closure of Creative Partnerships, Martin Heaney looks to new collaborative projects run by artists, to examine the legacy of its practice

Strength in numbers

30 Apr 2012

This year’s British Dance Edition is hosted by eight partners, from all across London. Lise Smith describes their experiences of breaking the dance programming mould

A tale of two halves

30 Apr 2012

Annabelle Campbell and Andy Horn share their experiences of the partnership between the Crafts Council and Birmingham Museums and Art Gallery

In harmony

30 Apr 2012

The Royal Northern College of Music and Opera North have a long history of working together. Liz Rowley explains how the formalisation of this relationship has led to exciting new opportunities

What matters most now

30 Apr 2012

Lucy Cash and Becky Edmunds worked together on What If… festival in 2010 and Co-Curated What Matters at the Siobhan Davies Studios this April. Here they share their personal views on the collaboration

Illuminating conversations

09 Apr 2012

Nicky Webb describes the birth, development and culmination of a European collaboration that has led to dialogue and exchange between artists, curators, programmers and producers

Sharing the joy of discovery

19 Mar 2012

Andrew Ormston reflects on scientists’ appetite for collaborations with artists

Spreading ‘sciart’

19 Mar 2012

Andrew Ormston explains how hand-in-hand scientists and artists are colonising new, barren land. Just like fungi and algae

Aboard the learning boat: Expose yourself

06 Feb 2012

Nick Sherrard explains why becoming a better collaborator is a lot more like having your hair cut than getting plastic surgery

With a little help from your friends

06 Feb 2012

Jennifer Cooling explains why buddying up to your local tourism body could encourage a wonderful, mutually-beneficial relationship

Everybody needs good neighbours

16 Jan 2012

Gavin Barlow explains why forming partnerships and sharing expertise is key to community regeneration

Stepping out of the comfort zone

16 Jan 2012

Dee Evans explains the benefits and challenges of ‘full-on’ international co-productions

Bridging the gap

12 Dec 2011

Steve Moffitt reflects on the role of cultural education in the curriculum, in anticipation of the forthcoming Henley Review

A conversation with the BBC

21 Nov 2011

Broadcasting is collaborative. A lot of people are involved in creating it, and many of the best new ideas are born out of dialogue. Mark Bell reveals how arts collaborations come about, and what makes them so effective

Presenting the mystery

10 Oct 2011

The relationship between the arts and science has evolved over the last decade and a half. Rosie Tooby looks to the future of this interdisciplinary practice

Art, science and the coast

10 Oct 2011

How does a small regional arts organisation make the most of an interest in science and a location on the edge of one of the greatest natural laboratories on earth? Polly Gifford describes a collaboration that is proving to be the key.

Trust New Art: contemporary art in historic settings

19 Sep 2011

The ‘Trust New Art’ programme has been created to provide a framework for the National Trust to work with the arts. Tom Freshwater gives the details

Taking the plunge

19 Sep 2011

James Mackenzie-Blackman explains how international corporate sponsorship can be a useful way for arts organisations to get out into the world


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