A conversation with the BBC

21 Nov 2011

Broadcasting is collaborative. A lot of people are involved in creating it, and many of the best new ideas are born out of dialogue. Mark Bell reveals how arts collaborations come about, and what makes them so effective

Presenting the mystery

10 Oct 2011

The relationship between the arts and science has evolved over the last decade and a half. Rosie Tooby looks to the future of this interdisciplinary practice

Art, science and the coast

10 Oct 2011

How does a small regional arts organisation make the most of an interest in science and a location on the edge of one of the greatest natural laboratories on earth? Polly Gifford describes a collaboration that is proving to be the key.

Taking the plunge

19 Sep 2011

James Mackenzie-Blackman explains how international corporate sponsorship can be a useful way for arts organisations to get out into the world

Trust New Art: contemporary art in historic settings

19 Sep 2011

The ‘Trust New Art’ programme has been created to provide a framework for the National Trust to work with the arts. Tom Freshwater gives the details

Collaborations emerge as purse-strings tighten

13 Jun 2011

Cost-saving arts partnerships signal the dawn of a new future for the sector

The power in enquiry

11 Apr 2011

Ben Cranfield, Sarah Davies and Natasha Silsby look at the value of academic partnerships in the arts and of holding conversations between theory and practice

All in this together

28 Feb 2011

William Shaw describes a project where even the local residents joined in to make it successful

Collaboration: what charities say works

28 Feb 2011

Smaller charities say collaboration works, especially if it is with local partners with similar aims. That’s the message from the Charity Commission, reports Adrian Ient


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