Audiences South hands over to London

29 Aug 2011

Audience development agencies start to feel the impact of funding cuts

No change

11 Apr 2011

Six years of audience development work has not upped engagement levels

‘My research is better than your research’

11 Apr 2011

Liz Hill argues that now is not the time to put our heads in the sand about the impact of audience development activity in the arts

What next?

11 Apr 2011

Mike Ingham on ACE’s decision to cut funding to the Audience Development Agencies

No change is good news

11 Apr 2011

Roger Tomlinson on our story about audience development

ACE funding announcement

21 Mar 2011

Audience development loses out as ACE prioritises organisations directly producing art

2020 Vision - Future marketing

dominos on a wooden surface with Facebook, Twitter and other social media logos instead of white dots
01 Jun 2006

In the second of our series looking at the arts world of the future, Alice Walton casts her mind forward to 2020 and asks how arts organisations will attract future audiences.

Only Connect: a new blueprint for audience development

Boy and teddy bear on bridge
03 Jun 2002

Despite the current obsession, nobody seems to have nailed down exactly what we mean when we talk about ‘audience development’. The definitions are many; the scope for woolly thinking wide. Richard Hadley thinks it’s time to take stock.


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