Capture the customer

Photo of people queuing outside the London Coliseum
18 Dec 2014

Good data can mean great cost savings as well as valuable insights. Hannah Mitchell kick starts some New Year resolutions on effective data handling.

Open dance house

Photo of dancers in class
15 Dec 2014

For a week in October Rambert invited the public to view rehearsals and training, and take part in choreography and dance classes. Joce Giles judges it a success.

Up close and personal

Photo of violin player
15 Dec 2014

Manchester Camerata will be experimenting with simple, sensory ways to heighten the audience’s experience and transform the boundaries between artists and audience, says Samantha McShane.

Mobile technology to the rescue

Photo of the Giant Spectacular
27 Nov 2014

Un-ticketed venues and events can now gather data that will give them the level of customer insight that performing arts venues have long enjoyed through their box office systems. Hannah Mitchell explains how. 

The dynamics of arts marketing

Photo of someone filming a children's concert on an iPad
03 Nov 2014

Hye-Kyung Lee traces the history of arts marketing though three different phases, each posing new challenges and requiring arts marketers to rethink their aims and remits.

Talking on tour

Image of Border Tales
29 Oct 2014

A new touring model capitalising on word-of-mouth recommendations indicates that touring is not dead after all. Jo Towler explains.

Enjoying the Christmas rush

Photo of a Nutcracker doll
22 Oct 2014

In December, almost half of the tickets sold to a venue's Christmas show are likely to be bought by new customers at that venue. Hannah Mitchell explores the marketing implications.

Seizing the moment

Photo of a survey
25 Sep 2014

Which is more influential over repeat attendance – performance or venue? Hannah Mitchell reveals some of the surprising findings that emerge when audiences are invited to complete a survey about an event they’ve just attended. 

From spectator to spectraitor

Image of Spectraitors logo
04 Sep 2014

Lauren Holden explains Spectraitors, her idea for a DISloyalty app which encourages regular arts-goers to be disloyal to their favourite arts organisation.

Christmas starts early

Photo of  a pantomime
21 Jul 2014

The height of summer is the best time for venues offering a Christmas show to start gearing up for success. Hannah Mitchell explains why. 

Opera and ballet review exposes venue/company friction

Photo of a ballet production of Swan Lake
04 Jul 2014

The failure to share data is hindering audience development and must be addressed as a condition of funding, says ACE.

Automated captioning

Image of caption unit
30 Jun 2014

Captioning live theatre performances for the deaf is often seen as costly and inflexible, says Laura Arends. But new automated technology promises to be "truly transformative".

All friends together

Screenshot of blog page
19 May 2014

A year after setting up a blog, Hilary Machell and Yvonne Battersby reflect on their experiences from initial nervousness to an award shortlisting.

A well grounded community

Image of Richard Stride with a volunteer
26 Mar 2014

How does a tiny Georgian theatre survive in a working class town? Esther Harris talks to Richard Stride, owner of the Groundlings Theatre in Old Portsmouth.

In need of a new image

03 Feb 2014

Rich Hadley believes that cultural organisations must lose their "remote, elitist, rarified, out of touch and unyielding" image.

Contemporary music made more popular

Image of sound installation in Huddersfield shopping arcade
27 Jan 2014

Huddersfield Contemporary Music Festival has an enviable international reputation but how does it go down with the locals? Sarah McWatt tells of activities and opportunities designed to reverse preconceptions.

Much more for your supper

Image of carnival performers
20 Jan 2014

Burns Night is celebrated in some style in Dumfries, with three days of music, theatre and carnival. Graham Main describes how thousands of local people take part and many more attend.

Selecting the right scheme

Photo of two National Trust membership recruiters
20 Jan 2014

Are membership schemes a great idea or a lot of work? In the first of two articles Alex Youel helps you think through your business objectives and membership design before it’s too late...

The magnitude of marketing

The Culture Hive website
29 Oct 2013

How much has the arts marketing role changed in the last twenty years? Strikingly, says Sarah Chambers, who examines what is now required to market culture.

Community commitment

Image of rehearsals at Old Vic
01 Jul 2013

The Old Vic’s community theatre projects may be uneconomic and time-consuming, but Steve Winter and Alexander Ferris believe they make a valuable contribution to the theatre’s output.


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