Sector rallies the troops

13 Sep 2010

Exclusive: New super-body of cultural organisations launches powerful network to keep arts at the top of the public agenda

Alive and kicking

26 Aug 2010

Why should arts funders invest in experimentation? Hasan Bakhshi presents findings from NESTA’s new research

Waving or drowning?

26 Aug 2010

Shaun Belcher debates ideas on how to improve community arts

Top 5 Websites

26 Aug 2010

Kim Lofthouse shares the websites she wouldn’t want to be without

Bangers and cash

26 Aug 2010

Edinburgh’s festivals mark their most successful year to date, but face a funding crisis as public and corporate support comes under threat

Global nerves as recession bites

Photo of person biting nails
13 Jul 2009

Fears of funding losses are offset by confidence that arts organisations will show resilience.

Testing times

Credit crunch stall
03 Nov 2008

Mahmood Reza examines the possible implications of the economic downturn for arts organisations.

Mission, Models, Money - Towards a healthier arts and cultural ecology

23 Apr 2007

As the Mission Models Money programme draws to a close and looks to the future, Clare Cooper and Roanne Dods report on the evidence gathered.

Evaluating value

Photo of choristera
13 Feb 2006

Debate about how best to justify support for the arts has evolved in recent months with the notion of cultural value. Eleonora Belfiore shares her views on it.

Lottery cash reserves slammed

24 Oct 2005

£2.4bn “stuck in limbo” as Lottery funders fail to reach Government targets on distribution.

Deafened by decibel?

Photo of graffiti - two men shouting
28 Jun 2004

Munira Mirza thinks anti-racist policies in the arts can sometimes fuel racial tensions rather than appease them.

Hewitt demands relaxation of Government control

Photo of Peter Hewitt
25 Mar 2002

A plea for the Government to release the arts from damaging levels of accountability was made by Peter Hewitt, Chief Executive of the Arts Council of England (ACE), in a major speech at the National Portrait Gallery last week.


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