Then and now

11 Jun 2012

June will see publication of the last ever issue of a-n Magazine after 32 years, making space for new programmes from a-n The Artists Information Company. Susan Jones reflects on changing times

Mind the gap

11 Jun 2012

Has the time come for a new arts investment fund? Graham Henderson makes the case

Grant shake-up for Scotland

21 May 2012

New funding framework sees key organisations moved into project funding

Building relationships

30 Apr 2012

What makes a good client for a major capital building project? Alan Tovey makes some suggestions

Valuing investors

27 Feb 2012

Geoff Burnand and Margaret Bolton explain why the arts sector is of interest to mainstream investors

New fund woos arts investors

27 Feb 2012

EXCLUSIVE: Private investors will get new arts investment opportunities under a funding scheme being launched this week

Evidence grows of regional imbalance in private arts funding

27 Feb 2012

Green shoots emerge for private funding for the arts in London, but business involvement continues to decline

Henley proposes wide menu for change

27 Feb 2012

ACE will lead public bodies in the renewal of England’s strategy for cultural education

Quick start for music plan

12 Dec 2011

Timetable for the launch of music education hubs raises questions about implementation logistics

Music hubs to drive music education from 2012

21 Nov 2011

Local authorities will no longer be at the heart of decision-making on music education provision

You can’t complain if you don’t play the game

31 Oct 2011

Dany Louise issues a rallying cry to artists


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