Let Councils lead on arts funding, says new report

Photo of Hull looking from the air back to the coast
07 Sep 2020

Efforts to redistribute arts funding away from London have fallen short, as Arts Council England “fails to treat places equally”.

Millennials make up more of post-Covid audiences, survey indicates

03 Sep 2020

An apparent growth in younger audiences could be a "silver lining" for the sector as fewer older people patronise the arts.

NPOs join forces to deliver city-wide cultural funding

Plymouth Hoe from the sea
03 Sep 2020

By setting up a Cultural Investment Fund, Plymouth’s arts organisations are aiming to ‘innovate’ their way out of the crisis.

How Union representation could create a more diverse arts landscape

A painting of grey square block in depicting a city skyline in a quasi-cubism style
03 Sep 2020

The current funding model means a select few decide what art is acceptable. Anthony Padgett argues union representation is the key to unlocking a more culturally rich and inclusive arts industry.

Covid will affect future lottery funding, experts warn

27 Aug 2020

The National Lottery faces major challenges as more charities clamour for support.

Freeze or cut pay to get funding, sector told

14 Aug 2020

Funding bodies will enforce "pay restraint" at the organisations getting recovery money - but won't be exercising the same restraint themselves.

'Cultural contract' to be condition of Welsh emergency funding

13 Aug 2020

The Welsh Government will require organisations to commit to fair pay rates, but has not responded to calls for a universal basic income for creatives.

Councils' culture budgets actually increase

07 Aug 2020

Big cultural showcases bring million-pound increases to larger cities' budgets as London falls behind.

'Super active' customers key to keeping up donations, survey suggests

06 Aug 2020

Some UK arts organisations have used the Covid crisis to "dramatically increase" income from donations, but the overall picture remains grim.

Freelancers despair as emergency funding goes elsewhere

31 Jul 2020

Artists and creatives stand on the brink of financial disaster following announcements that the Government’s Culture Recovery Fund will be ringfenced for organisations at imminent risk of failure.

Autumn Spending Review brings new threat to arts funding

Photo of a lone hand rising up out of the water in a lake
29 Jul 2020

Tough choices for Government spending are ahead, with departments being told to reprioritise, deliver savings and provide evidence they are delivering efficiently.

Arts get one-third of £1.57bn fund

29 Jul 2020

Arts organisations can apply for up to £3m - but those that need more must pay it back.

Systemic funding failures: it’s time to fix the fault lines

Image of multiple dollar signs in on a black background
22 Jul 2020

To future-proof the creative sector we must root out systemic funding bias against BAME organisations, says Kevin Osborne, starting with an equitable sharing of the £1.57 billion bailout package.

Public engagement: a renewed civic role for theatre

Front of the Playground Theatre
22 Jul 2020

Small theatres and companies are ideally placed to give their local communities a voice. But there will have to be new models of working, and funders will have to resist the strong pull to conserve the past, says Anthony Biggs.

Too little, too late: MPs slam 'consistent failures’ to save the sector

22 Jul 2020

A scathing new report says the Government’s inadequate response to the threat posed by Covid-19 risks undermining its own ‘levelling up’ goals and reversing decades of progress.

How to get up-front funding for a project – without losing control

a composite image featuring Facebook and YouTube brands
13 Jul 2020

R&D funding for artists is hard to come by, but Hannah Grannemann and Amy Whitaker believe emerging artist-centric sources of finance will offer important new opportunities that could radically shift the economics.

Letter: Fund the ecosystem - not the select few

13 Jul 2020

If ACE only distributes the Government's support package to the organisations they have a current relationship with, then 80% of the sector will remain vulnerable and large scale venues as well as small will be at risk says Michael Ockwell.

ACE grants just one third of emergency funds, holds on to £56.9m

London Symphony Orchestra
09 Jul 2020

The funder says 95 National Portfolio Organisations that applied “were not able to demonstrate they needed urgent funding”.

Unprecedented £1.57 billion package to save the arts from the brink

Royal Opera House view of the stage from a balcony seat
07 Jul 2020

Sector leaders have responded with a mixture of relief and gratitude for a Government package that will secure the medium-term future of many organisations on the brink of permanent closure, but others believe the announcement leaves many questions unanswered.

Scottish Government makes first move to save the performing arts

06 Jul 2020

Culture Secretary Fiona Hyslop has announced a Performing Arts Venues Relief Fund that will “meet the immediate needs” of organisations and freelance workers attempting to survive the ongoing impact of the pandemic.


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