No more feast or famine

Screenshot of the AccessArt website
26 May 2014

The AccessArt website has switched from being project-funded to self-sustaining thanks to its membership income. Paula Briggs tells the story.

Lottery funding landscape laid bare

Photo of Durham
25 Apr 2014

The distribution of Lottery funding for the arts is a closed system, operating for the benefit of a small number of arts organisations but to the detriment of wider society and the economy, according to a new report by the authors who recently revealed England’s regional arts funding imbalance.

My Gurus

26 Feb 2014

Suba Das, Curve’s Associate Director of Community Engagement, tells us about his gurus.

Created in code

Image of participants at PixelPyros
10 Feb 2014

Seb Lee-Delisle describes how he used computer programming to create an interactive fireworks display.

Tipping the balance

31 Oct 2013

If ‘access for everyone’ is the policy goal, then regional funding is the elephant in the room, says Liz Hill.

The arts in a box

Image of children playing on sofa at Bloomsbury Festival
30 Sep 2013

The Bloomsbury Festival in a Box outreach scheme is tackling cultural exclusion, reports Cathy Mager.

Arts organisations fall down on the marketing of accessible events

Individual in a wheelchair watches arts event
06 Sep 2013

Improvements in physical access for disabled people have not been matched by better strategies to attract audiences, says new report.  

A slow journey

Image of wheelchair
09 May 2013

Tony Heaton reflects on how far we have come to make arts buildings accessible to all.

A cold wind

Image of exterior of Tate Modern
09 May 2013

How can we make sure that physical access improvements remain a priority despite current economic constraints? David Bonnett has some suggestions.

Ticketing without borders

03 Dec 2012

A combination of technologies offers travellers the opportunity to book tickets for events at the same time as they book their travel arrangements. Bart van Schriek explains how.

Guidance in good practice

Photo of people at arts workshop
20 Nov 2012

A new online knowledge bank combines information and guidance on bringing art and audiences together. Pam Pfrommer gives the background to the initiative.

The devil in the detail

22 Aug 2012

Will there be a mismatch between the vision articulated in the Henley Review of Cultural Learning and the strategies for making it a reality? Sam Cairns examines the evidence so far.

Access is everything

21 May 2012

Suzanne Bull makes the case for disabled access to be at the heart of music venues’ strategic plans – not an afterthought

A positive choice

03 May 2011

Jenny Taylor shares Shape’s vision for disabled people to participate fully in the arts and cultural sector, and looks at the potential barriers to this

What next for Scottish arts?

03 May 2011

Anne Bonnar looks at what each of the main parties is promising for Scotland’s arts after the election

What have statistics ever done for us?

28 Feb 2011

James Evans considers the value of research and of having that research at your fingertips

Breaking down the barriers

03 Feb 2011

Ruth Stevenson and Hannah Biggs explore how to make the arts more accessible for people with mental health problems

If Stephen Hawking was a musician…

03 Feb 2011

Doug Bott explains how one company is working to remove some of the obstacles that disabled people face when trying to participate in music


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