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Lady in oil at Tate
24 May 2013

Kevin Smith asks whether we’re comfortable with companies like BP being associated with some of the most prestigious arts institutions in the country.

Cultivating the conversation

02 May 2013

Ivan Wadeson sees patience and planning as necessary prerequisites to campaigning for public support.

Awkward questions

02 May 2013

Eleonora Belfiore shares her thoughts on the public value of culture.

A Bobby Ewing moment

01 May 2013

Dan Eastmond explains why he walked out of the What Next? conference.

Lost in translation

01 May 2013

Nick Williams says the language of the arts sector is turning audiences off.


01 May 2013

Juliet Brain sees What Next as a chance to put aside creative egos and work for the common good.

What culture should we value?

01 May 2013

Leila Jancovich says let’s not pretend ‘we’re all in it together’

A tall order

01 May 2013

Laura Drane says What Next? can’t be a single issue campaign, as we'll never agree on what that issue is.

A safe place

01 May 2013

Keith Motson likens What Next? to an Alcoholics Anonymous meeting for arts professionals.

Absent friends

01 May 2013

Bethany Rex asks how do we start a dialogue with those firmly not in the room?

The Thatcher Hangover

17 Apr 2013

Chrissie Tiller on Thatcher's legacy for business models in the arts.

The dangers of diversity

16 Apr 2013

Liz Hill worries that the dash for cash to plug the arts funding gap will undermine the work of artists and organisations that specialise in social impact work.

The tide is turning

11 Apr 2013

Liz Hill welcomes news of renewed efforts to measure the impact of the arts in more valid ways.

What Next - correction

15 Mar 2013

David Lan clarifies 'What Next?' 

Living on the breadline

11 Mar 2013

In an edited extract from the provocation essay ‘Ditching The Renaissance’, Dan Eastmond says it’ s time for the arts to stop hiding behind the notion of benevolent failure.

Beyond the West End

07 Mar 2013

Tom Copley wants to find new homes for small-scale cutting edge theatre in London.

Listening before leading

07 Mar 2013

An open dialogue between arts practitioners, public funders and the public is vital in developing the arts for the benefit of the wider community, says Liz Hill.

A numbers perspective

04 Mar 2013

In the second of three edited extracts from 'Fireworks', his book of provocation essays,  Dan Eastmond quantifies a disconnect between the public arts sector and the population.

Exit for the Future

26 Feb 2013

As the arts are mollycoddled by protective funding and propped up by the instinct of stability, will the output of our creative institutions fall further behind the mind of the age? Dan Eastmond makes the case.

When a theatre led and the funders followed

14 Feb 2013

Anne Bonnar reflects on an experimental approach to attracting audiences that paid off at the Citizens Theatre.


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