Europe invests in the arts

13 Dec 2012

The future looks bright for culture on the continent, but the Autumn Statement provided no such solace for the UK, says Liz Hill.

My experience with art, advertising and plagiarism

11 Dec 2012

Those who steal other artists’ ideas are not worthy of the badge ‘artist’ themselves, says Ian Moir.

In defence of cuts

11 Dec 2012

Nick Forbes of Newcastle City Council is furious that he’s being forced to slash funding to the arts, but it’s about essential services and essential means saving lives.

Writing on the wall

12 Nov 2012

The loss of arts cash will be a problem, but the loss of arts education would be a catastrophe, says Liz Hill.

Keep dancing

12 Nov 2012

Linda Jasper calls for the proposed EBacc qualification to include the opportunity for young people to continue to study dance.

London leads the way

12 Nov 2012

The Mayor’s Education Inquiry arrived last month, following extensive consultation with stakeholders across London. But what does it mean for music education and the wider community arts sector? Lawrence Becko makes some suggestions.

Audience alert

24 Oct 2012

Rich Hadley reflects on the relationships between artists and their public.

Sorry seems to be the hardest word

22 Oct 2012

Liz Hill says shame on Arts Council England for its reaction to public concerns over ATTL

Bringing the board to the forefront of fundraising

16 Oct 2012

Christopher Goodhart asks how board members can make more of their fundraising role.

New ideas about audiences

15 Oct 2012

 AP has always shared the best practice on audience development with the sector, says Liz Hill.

What kind of Leaders do we want?

09 Oct 2012

Who should lead our arts organisations? asks David Dixon

Narnian Winter?

09 Oct 2012

Dany Louise wonders how long the winter of cuts will last

What I Wrote to a Parliamentary Committee

20 Sep 2012

Artist Matt Baker on misinterpretations of his contribution to a parliamentary review of Creative Scotland.

The Optimism and Excitement of Creative Possibility

20 Sep 2012

Matthew Linley of Eastern Angles reflects on ITC's summer conference

Public scrutiny and transparency matters

19 Sep 2012

Public funding bodies need watchdogs, says Roger Tomlinson.

AP stands firm against ACE allegations

19 Sep 2012

Liz Hill responds to Cluny Macpherson about ATTL Yorkshire

AP does artists a disservice

19 Sep 2012

Cluny Macpherson says Yorkshire's ATTL programme was transparent

Feel the fear

19 Sep 2012

The subsidised arts sector lives in fear of the hands that feed it, says Liz Hill

The public debate that was never ours

10 Sep 2012

Susan Oman says the measures for assessing national wellbeing will be irrelevant before we even begin measuring

Endings and beginnings

10 Sep 2012

It's time for some changes, says Liz Hill


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