Letter: ACE scandal

26 Jun 2014

Alan Cleaver responds to ArtsProfessional's revelation that Arts Council England used more than £10m of spare capital funds to pay off the debts of five London-based organisations.

The trouble with arts funding…

Photo of a woman painting
25 Jun 2014

The leader of one of England’s National Portfolio Organisations speaks out about transparency, whistle-blowing, the curse of arts buildings, and why artists feel disenfranchised from the arts funding system.

Mind the cracks

Graphic comparing right and left sides of the brain
24 Jun 2014

The arts and the other creative industries may not always make comfortable bedfellows, but there are enough good reasons for them to sleep together, says Liz Hill.

Mending the creative pipeline

Photo of painted hands making hand prints
09 Jun 2014

Liz Hill reflects on a Warwick Commission debate which revealed the enthusiasm of the creative industries for better creative and cultural education in schools – and the barriers to making it happen. 

Speak truth to power

Photo of banner: Speak Truth
01 May 2014

Liz Hill tells the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee why she believes ACE can’t be trusted with the task of Rebalancing our Cultural Capital.

It’s England, Jim, but not as you know it

Cover of Arts council England's 'This England' report
13 Mar 2014

Liz Hill concludes that Arts Council England’s ‘This England’ report is based on a carefully constructed analysis designed to disguise a London-centric funding strategy and preserve the status quo.

First among equals?

20 Feb 2014

In an era of cuts, what choices would you make? Three arts professionals make the case for their priorities.

What is the value of the arts?

13 Feb 2014

If the arts are to be relevant to people’s lives, the creative experience and access to subsidy must be available to more than the privileged, and perceived barriers between professional and nonprofessional artists must be broken down, says Vikki Heywood in a prologue to her speech at the No Boundaries conference.

In need of a new image

03 Feb 2014

Rich Hadley believes that cultural organisations must lose their "remote, elitist, rarified, out of touch and unyielding" image.

New ACE strategy: Keep calm and carry on…

08 Nov 2013

Arts Council England's update of its 10-year 'strategic framework' makes for sober and serious reading. But while there are no dramatic changes in its ambitions and priorities, Mark Robinson finds a worrying lack of solutions for cash-strapped artists and no recognition of the regional imbalance in arts funding.

Tipping the balance

31 Oct 2013

If ‘access for everyone’ is the policy goal, then regional funding is the elephant in the room, says Liz Hill.

Us and them

Pie chart comparing time spent engaging with the arts of those who work in the sector and those who don't
09 Jul 2013

The arts sector is missing the mark in making its case to the wider public, says Liz Hill. In her session at the Shift Happens conference, AP threw down the gauntlet and challenged the sector to do better.


18 Jun 2013

Marcus Romer offers a suggestion to anyone who wants to find out how they will be working three years from now.

Slick image

Lady in oil at Tate
24 May 2013

Kevin Smith asks whether we’re comfortable with companies like BP being associated with some of the most prestigious arts institutions in the country.

Cultivating the conversation

02 May 2013

Ivan Wadeson sees patience and planning as necessary prerequisites to campaigning for public support.

Awkward questions

02 May 2013

Eleonora Belfiore shares her thoughts on the public value of culture.

A Bobby Ewing moment

01 May 2013

Dan Eastmond explains why he walked out of the What Next? conference.

Lost in translation

01 May 2013

Nick Williams says the language of the arts sector is turning audiences off.


01 May 2013

Juliet Brain sees What Next as a chance to put aside creative egos and work for the common good.

What culture should we value?

01 May 2013

Leila Jancovich says let’s not pretend ‘we’re all in it together’


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