Art’s labour’s lost

Blackboard: Time for Change
20 Mar 2015

Despite decades of investment in audience development and the current enthusiasm for all things data, arts organisations still aren’t getting it, says Michael Nabarro.

Cohesion or conflict

Image of Ann Webb in front of poster
19 Feb 2015

Frances Williams says it’s time to drop the false optimism surrounding arts projects in areas of social deprivation and take a more critical view. 

Bottom of the food chain

Image of heron in street
05 Feb 2015

Bev Adams accuses funding assessors of ‘project snobbery’ and favouring venue-based organisations over artists working in the community.

When the cold, hard cash runs out

Image of filming of 'traceurs' in Westminster
02 Feb 2015

Guy Nicholson shares his views on the changing role of local government in supporting London’s arts and culture.

Art won’t look after itself

Photo of a man painting outside
22 Jan 2015

As the Lords debate shines a spotlight on the Government’s support of artists, Susan Jones reviews the current situation.

Sponsorship in the spotlight

Photo of people holding a large black square of fabric in the Turbine Hall
20 Jan 2015

Following the ruling that Tate should disclose the details of its BP sponsorship, Anna Galkina explains why arts organisations must choose their commercial partners carefully.

Building a business in the black arts

Image of Bass Festival artists
15 Dec 2014

In a week when arts organisations are urged to make a greater commitment to diversity, Ammo Talwar outlines his business model based on a specialist knowledge of the ‘black arts’, organic growth, a degree of risk-taking… and no mention of the D word.

Women in waiting?

01 Dec 2014

Why is the board and founding team at the new Creative Industries Federation 85% male, asks Chrissie Tiller.

Artistic creativity brings science to life

27 Nov 2014

STEM subjects are not for everyone, but balance is the key for a healthy economy, says Edwina Dunn.

Lies, damned lies and arts funding statistics

Boris Johnson
10 Nov 2014

Liz Hill sets the record straight on the contribution that touring activity by London-based arts organisations makes to the rest of England.

For the avoidance of doubt…

Photo of paper on a table with a pen and mug
25 Sep 2014

Sean Egan gives a legal opinion on the revised terms and conditions attached to Arts Council England’s National Portfolio Organisation agreements. 

Critical conditions

Photo of a person writing in a notebook
17 Sep 2014

Glen Pearce reacts to one theatre’s decision to grant press tickets only to critics who generate it enough website traffic.

Letter: Team players needed

14 Jul 2014

John Mathers warns that without brand ‘management’, the creative and cultural sectors could see themselves going the way of the Brazilian football team.

Letter: ACE scandal

26 Jun 2014

Alan Cleaver responds to ArtsProfessional's revelation that Arts Council England used more than £10m of spare capital funds to pay off the debts of five London-based organisations.

The trouble with arts funding…

Photo of a woman painting
25 Jun 2014

The leader of one of England’s National Portfolio Organisations speaks out about transparency, whistle-blowing, the curse of arts buildings, and why artists feel disenfranchised from the arts funding system.

Mind the cracks

Graphic comparing right and left sides of the brain
24 Jun 2014

The arts and the other creative industries may not always make comfortable bedfellows, but there are enough good reasons for them to sleep together, says Liz Hill.

Mending the creative pipeline

Photo of painted hands making hand prints
09 Jun 2014

Liz Hill reflects on a Warwick Commission debate which revealed the enthusiasm of the creative industries for better creative and cultural education in schools – and the barriers to making it happen. 

Speak truth to power

Photo of banner: Speak Truth
01 May 2014

Liz Hill tells the Culture Media and Sport Select Committee why she believes ACE can’t be trusted with the task of Rebalancing our Cultural Capital.

It’s England, Jim, but not as you know it

Cover of Arts council England's 'This England' report
13 Mar 2014

Liz Hill concludes that Arts Council England’s ‘This England’ report is based on a carefully constructed analysis designed to disguise a London-centric funding strategy and preserve the status quo.

First among equals?

20 Feb 2014

In an era of cuts, what choices would you make? Three arts professionals make the case for their priorities.


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