Record attendance at Edinburgh theatres

11 Jun 2019

More than half a million people attended a Capital Theatres group event in the last year, Chief Executive Duncan Hendry said. He attributed the group's success to new mobile-friendly website where nearly 58% of sales are now made.

Campaign for arts centre in historic pub

11 Jun 2019

A group in Newmarket in Suffolk hopes to raise £650,000 to convert the Palomino Pub into a permanent arts space. Campaigner Lousie Eatock said the centre would offer events and exhibitions, adult and youth classes, and music nights.

Plans to revamp Fruitmarket Gallery submitted

10 Jun 2019

Reiach and Hall Architects will renovate the existing Edinburgh gallery and convert a neighbouring warehouse into a two-storey installation space by 2020. The project has "opportunities for artists and audiences at its heart", gallery Director Fiona Bradley said.


LGBT play cancelled after actors attacked

10 Jun 2019

Performances of 'Rotterdam' at the Nuffield Southampton Theatre have been called off after one of its cast was injured in a "homophobic hate crime", the show's producers said. Actress Lucy Jane had stones thrown at her from a moving car while kissing her girlfriend, castmate Rebecca Bantlava, in the street.

Calls for National Portrait Gallery to reject BP

10 Jun 2019

Letters from eight artists and a judge said a sponsorship deal with the oil and gas giant provided "a veneer of respectability to one of the world’s worst polluters". The gallery said BP had sponsored its annual portrait award for 30 years, and that the company's support brought artists' work into the public eye.


UK must correct ‘very strong London bias’ in cultural provision, says report

Photo of the Riverside Museum in Glasgow
07 Jun 2019

Cultural leaders have expressed dismay that Lord Kerslake’s inquiry into the UK’s economic imbalances did not make more specific references to the arts and culture.

Museum visitors ‘less likely to develop dementia’, claim researchers

A group of people visiting the British Museum
07 Jun 2019

Analysis of a decade's worth of data finds that regularly engaging with cultural activities is associated with slower rates of cognitive decline.

Watchdog questions trustworthiness of DfE statistics

A close up of a person's hand playing the guitar
07 Jun 2019

The UK Statistics Authority has called for greater clarity in the way the Department presents statistics, after investigating concerns raised by ArtsProfessional and others.

Fears within ACE over ‘dumbing down’ art

A photo of street art on the outside of a house
07 Jun 2019

Arts Council England’s Deputy Director has reassured those concerned about its new strategy that they should “be clear that the Royal Opera House is as important as Creative People and Places”.

Festival locations cancelled after funding flop

Photo of cancelled production "Monkey and the White Bone Demon"
07 Jun 2019

Almost half the shows in a touring film and theatre festival have been cancelled at short notice following lacklustre ticket sales and failures to secure public funding.

‘More exploration’ needed into whether DCMS investment hub can aid the arts

Photo of jars with coins and plants
07 Jun 2019

The Impact Investment Institute will help people ‘combine financial returns with a social purpose’, potentially boosting funding for the arts.

Preston Guild Hall calls in administrators

06 Jun 2019

The sudden closure of the city’s Guild Hall, which contained two performance venues, has left large shows in the lurch. Owner Simon Rigby now intends to bring in administrators, but has said the building will reopen “within weeks” and that all staff wages will be paid.

Mural honours teen climate activist

06 Jun 2019

The 15 metre high portrait of Greta Thunberg in Bristol was unveiled last week. Artist Jody Thomas said he was inspired by his subject’s “fearless style”.

Ann Widdecombe show cancelled over gay therapy remarks

05 Jun 2019

A Devon theatre director called the Brexit Party MEP’s comment - that science might “produce an answer” to being gay - “vile”. Widdecombe was due to appear at Ilfracombe’s Landmark Theatre in a one-woman show in March.

Evening Standard cuts theatre critics

05 Jun 2019

Henry Hitchings and Fiona Mountford have lost their contracts after 10 and 17 years’ service respectively. The newspaper plans to produce more arts criticism in-house to cut costs.

Scottish politicians criticise Glasgow School of Art over fire inquiry

04 Jun 2019

A Scottish committee investigating the destruction of the school’s Mackintosh building says it is “extremely disappointed” the school has questioned the credibility of some witnesses. The committee has questioned whether the school did enough to prevent the blaze.

Viagogo ‘naïve and immature’ for dodging DCMS Committee, boss says

04 Jun 2019

The ticketing platform’s managing director has apologised to the Government for failing to attend a 2017 hearing into its business model. But he said “we fundamentally believe if someone buys a ticket they have the right to resell it”.

Funding for art in schools research

04 Jun 2019

A project led by Anglia Ruskin University has received a six-figure grant from the Arts and Humanities Research Council to investigate the benefits for school children of creating art in nature. The initiative has found that working with artists improved pupils’ confidence and independence, particularly among children from disadvantaged backgrounds.

Theatre apprenticeship scheme for refugees

04 Jun 2019

Young refugees living in the UK can now apply for paid apprenticeships with Good Chance Theatre. The three-month scheme will give up to six trainees experience in writing, directing, producing and fundraising.

Pop-up Shakespeare theatre under construction

04 Jun 2019

Shakespeare’s Rose Theatre in York is taking shape, with plans to perform Hamlet, Henry V, The Tempest and Twelfth Night this summer. The organisers hope to replicate the success of last year’s season, which drew about 78,000 people to the site.


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