You’re hired!

26 Aug 2010

Appointing a senior member of staff is rarely an easy task, Diana Barden looks at how assessment centres are shaking up the recruitment process

Diary of a director

26 Aug 2010

Start by building relationships, says Steve Marmion, big change can wait

Leading the way

26 Aug 2010

Investment in cultural leaders can be scarce, but Sue Hoyle explains how candidates can Clore their way to the top

Need to know

26 Aug 2010

Looking for advice? AP finds the answers to your questions

Alive and kicking

26 Aug 2010

Why should arts funders invest in experimentation? Hasan Bakhshi presents findings from NESTA’s new research

Stealing strategy

Photo of ping-pong bat in meeting room
12 Apr 2010

Is the arts baby drowning in the strategy bathwater? Alice Devitt thinks that business techniques should support, not overwhelm, artistic and social vision.

Boiling VAT

Photo of Wormsley Estate exterior
30 Nov 2009

Mahmood Reza follows up on Garsington Opera’s VAT victory by explaining how the new rules work.

Add up your value

Photo of calculator and papers
07 Sep 2009

Mahmood Reza looks at how Gross Value Added is calculated, what it means for your organisation and why it can be a useful measure.

The march of the Twitterati

Twitter graphic
24 Aug 2009

Something fundamental is going on in the media world, says William Shaw. It’s big, scary, only half understood, and it’s going to change how the arts present themselves to the world.

Cultural shift

girl with mentor screenprinting
27 Jul 2009

Catherine Large calls for a radical re-think of the accepted routes into the creative and cultural sector, arguing for a shift away from unpaid work and towards apprenticeships that employers value.

Risky business

Photo person skiing down hill
01 Jun 2009

Mahmood Reza explains the importance of good risk management to the health of an organisation.

For the record

Photo of calculator and papers
23 Mar 2009

Mahmood Reza explains how balancing the books maintains a company’s equilibrium.

The good, the bad and the uncomfortable

Photo of person holding torn photo
09 Feb 2009

Kooj Chuhan examines the dangerous lives being lived on our doorstep, and looks at how artists can support migrants and refugees.

Success and succession

26 Jan 2009

Rick Bond explains the need to prune the dead wood from your board of trustees to encourage new growth.

Testing times

Credit crunch stall
03 Nov 2008

Mahmood Reza examines the possible implications of the economic downturn for arts organisations.

Creating accessible websites

24 Mar 2008

Mark Atterbury offers advice on how best to reach disabled and deaf people online.

Leadership - Leadership - hit or myth?

19 Nov 2007

Jodi Myers reflects on why leadership training initiatives are only part of a much bigger picture.

Creating business

22 Oct 2007

Sinead MacManus looks at the vexed relationship between business, theatre and innovation and argues for new ways of thinking.


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