Personal Finance - Individual giving

Photo of calculator and papers
25 Sep 2006

Arts charities could make more use of individual donations. Mahmood Reza considers the tax implications of giving to arts organisations.

2020 Vision - Future marketing

dominos on a wooden surface with Facebook, Twitter and other social media logos instead of white dots
01 Jun 2006

In the second of our series looking at the arts world of the future, Alice Walton casts her mind forward to 2020 and asks how arts organisations will attract future audiences.

Personal Finance - Expenses and tax

Photo of calculator and papers
08 May 2006

In the latest of an occasional series looking at managing personal finances, Mahmood Reza distinguishes between the types of expenses that are genuinely tax-deductible, and those that will raise the taxmans eyebrows.

Heritage Challenges - The challenge of new technologies

08 May 2006

Creative technical solutions have to be found if an ancient theatre is to retain its heritage whilst meeting the demands of today’s artistic work and audiences. Colin Blumenau explains.

Personal Finance - In good company

Man riving car
27 Feb 2006

In the latest of an occasional series looking at managing personal finances, Mahmood Reza investigates the tax implications of company cars for employers and employees.

Essential Finance - Compare and contrast

Photo of calculator and papers
12 Sep 2005

Effective comparisons within organisations’ accounts can help cut through the columns of figures to provide a true picture of how an arts organisation is actually faring financially. Mahmood Reza delves into ratio analysis.

Essential Finance - Revenue and customs investigations

Photo of a briefcase
17 Jan 2005

Mahmood Reza looks at what happens when the Inland Revenue or Customs and Excise request an inspection.

Essential Finance - A beginner’s guide to VAT

Photo of calculator and papers
06 Sep 2004

Mahmood Reza provides an ABC of VAT.

Essential Finance - Making financial statements work for you

Photo of calculator and papers
31 May 2004

In the final instalment of his series on financial reports, Mahmood Reza looks at cash-flow statements and the management use and interpretation of financial statements.

SoundingBoard - Changing pitch on cultural diversity

A close up two female hands, one black one white, locked in a "pinky promise" gesture
31 May 2004

Nadine Andrews thinks it is worth revisiting the cultural diversity agenda in the arts. 

Arts in the curriculum - Drive for creativity

Photo of child painting
19 Apr 2004

Schools Minister David Miliband writes about the Government’s efforts to place the arts and creativity at the heart of the curriculum.

Essential Finance - Financial Statements: Appreciating depreciation

Photo of calculator and papers
05 Apr 2004

In the second of a series of articles about financial reports, Mahmood Reza examines how profit is calculated and unravels the mysteries of depreciation.

SoundingBoard - Cultivating diversity

22 Mar 2004

Uzma Hameed thinks there is more to reflecting cultural diversity than recreating cultural conformity.

Creative partnerships - Creativity in the curriculum

23 Feb 2004

Performances with the Birmingham Royal Ballet, garden designs in Slough, and building exhibits for a science museum in Norfolk are just some of the projects that have enriched school life in many areas of England, says David Armstrong.

Essential Finance - Budgeting basics

Photo of calculator and papers
06 Oct 2003

Mahmood Reza looks at the process of preparing and managing an effective budget.

Towards racial equality - or just ticking boxes?

Man adjusting tie
30 Jun 2003

The general perception that arts organisations are full of nice people has led to a general assumption that cultural prejudice could not possibly exist. But institutional racism is evident throughout the arts, says Heather Newill.

Essential Finance: Preventing fraud - a question of control

Photo of calculator and papers
23 Sep 2002

This week ArtsProfessional welcomes Mahmood Reza of Pro Active Accounting to host an occasional column discussing some of the financial issues that face arts organisations.

Online ticketing: a period of consolidation

Photo of paper ticket
19 Nov 2001

In July 1999, Coventry’s Belgrade Theatre became the first theatre in the UK to sell tickets online. Kate Cripps explores the bewildering range of ticketing opportunities offered by the Internet.


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