You’re fired!

01 Nov 2010

Negotiating the exit of senior staff can be a tricky process. Paul Seath explains how best to tackle the potential legal pitfalls

Pop in, sit up

11 Oct 2010

The success of recession-fuelled pop-up theatre shows that creativity need not be restrained by budgets, argue Roland Smith and Jessica Brewster

Talent and tenacity

11 Oct 2010

How can creative graduates maximise their chances of securing paid work post-university? Zoë Ellsmore takes a look

Want to make more Friends?

11 Oct 2010

Download ‘Devising a membership scheme’, a chapter from The Complete Membership Handbook – FREE for AP subscribers

Greener, cheaper, better

11 Oct 2010

A year since the 10:10 campaign was launched, Julie’s Bicycle looks at ways in which the cultural industry is coping with carbon reduction

Orchestrating a greener future

11 Oct 2010

Stephen Maddock reveals how touring live shows while lowering carbon emissions and costs can work in harmony together

Make a stand… and deliver

11 Oct 2010

Michaela Crimmin reviews how artists are making a physical difference to the environment

Making a merger work

A face on two hands
11 Oct 2010

Are two heads better than one? Mahmood Reza explains why and how arts organisations can merge to ensure survival and success

Ask the expert

11 Oct 2010

Looking for advice? AP finds the answers to your questions

Need to know

27 Sep 2010

Need advice on work matters? AP hunts down some answers

27 Sep 2010

From maths to monsoons, Judith Dimant reveals how Complicite made it to Mumbai – despite two false starts

In the public eye

27 Sep 2010

Public art is all too often derided and overlooked by a sneering national press, but it’s time we appreciated the breadth of experience on offer says Claire Doherty

A climate of change

27 Sep 2010

Lindsay Endean and Gareth Veal explain how arts organisations can measure their carbon footprints – and then start reducing them

A graduate incline?

27 Sep 2010

What can the Creative and Media Diploma offer schools, students and the arts sector at large? Catherine Rose explains

Vetting and barring

27 Sep 2010

Organisations working with children and vulnerable adults are subject to a plethora of rules and regulations. Keith Arrowsmith explains how you can work safely and legally


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