Coventry 2021: the city where movement began, moves again 

A group of young people dancing outside
09 Jun 2021

The festival season may look a bit different this year, but Coventry’s year as UK City of Culture is underway. Jake Bartle and Emily Coleman talk us through the summer programme of fun, creative events and exhibitions that the city is experiencing.

A step change in cultural partnerships with Higher Education

02 Jun 2021

The moment for information and peer support to develop partnerships has never been more timely. Evelyn Wilson has established a new centre to provide that infrastructure.

Slavetrader’s name replaced by symbol of hope

Outside of the Bristol Beacon
02 Jun 2021

One year on from the toppling of the Colston statue in Bristol, Phil Castang reflects on how ditching the Colston name for the concert hall - now the Bristol Beacon - has helped the city move on.

What Banksy teaches us about art ownership

Black and white stencil graffiti of a prisoner escaping down a wall
02 Jun 2021

Think the elusive artist has automatic rights to their famous murals? It’s a bit more complicated than that. Jack Martin and Kate Johnson break it down.

Funding BAME creativity

01 Jun 2021

Kevin Osborne has long been exercised by systemic racial bias in UK arts funding. Last month he produced a panel discussion aimed at ‘digging deep’.

In a sector under pressure, will freelancers suffer or thrive?

26 May 2021

Employers cannot see freelancers as the ‘always on’ source of talent and skill that can be picked up and put down at will, says Jane Ide.

Why digital isn’t enough

Toddler using VR headset
26 May 2021

As Covid-19 has pushed culture online, Danielle Child, Karen Gray, Harry Weeks and John Wright examine how arts and cultural organisations have attempted to make the digital more social.

Europe is still open to artists

Project of a face on a blue wall
25 May 2021

With long experience of working in Europe, Phillip Parr reminds us that, even in a post-Brexit world, there are still plenty of opportunities for artists. You just need to know where to look.

Creativity kept (us) growing when the world was on hold

A "Smile" sign made using crafts by students
25 May 2021

Sophie Handy shares her experience of a civic arts programme with a genuine grassroots approach to local development in the hands of community organisations, local movers and makers, doers and growers.

Responding to a crisis with a rallying cry

Young girl looking at a museum display
19 May 2021

Together for Museums harnessed the collective efforts of members, artists, donors and the public to come to the aid of the sector, writes Elinor Trigg.

New obligations to protect UK’s art market from money laundering

19 May 2021

With under a month to go for art businesses and artists to register with HMRC, Mary-Alice Stack explores how the sector is responding to the need for increased regulation.

Creating a buzz in the garden of Eden

Abstract painting of flowers
19 May 2021

Can artists make a positive contribution to alleviate the threat of biodiversity decline? Misha Curson shares a project which is aiming to do just that.

A ‘big hug’ in isolated places

People sitting in a garden watching a speaker socially distanced
19 May 2021

Rural touring has never been more innovative than it was in 2020. Holly Lombardo asks what comes next for a sector that fulfils exactly what funders are asking for?

Can we any longer justify our carbon footprint?

A person lying in a tree using a megaphone
11 May 2021

After a lifetime spent working in the arts across the world, Judith Knight considers the dilemma of meeting the demands of the climate emergency while retaining international collaborations.

An experimental museum to tackle the climate crisis

Two children at a desk working with two adults on crafts
11 May 2021

Organisations talk a big game about preventing climate change but what are they doing? Bridget McKenzie shares her experience of testing the way culture takes action.

Where earth’s spirit lies

Group of people with banners in the background and two people in the foreground dress in green, leaf-like coats, one of which is on a white horse
11 May 2021

Two years ago a group of artists and environmental activists launched Culture Declares Emergency. Lucy Neal and Kay Michael tell the story of the movement’s foundation and the momentum it has gathered since then.

Finding the words to write the climate

Still from murmuration of a hand over some drawn flowers
11 May 2021

Poet and climate writer, Linda France shares how she is creating spaces for connection, discussion and personal reflection, encouraging us to respond to the climate emergency and see ourselves as part of the solution.

Bridging the academic-classroom divide

Conductor leading a school orchestra
04 May 2021

Music educators often lack the confidence and energy to engage with academic research. Encouraging them to do so may be the way to address the disconnect between the two worlds, argues Dr Steven Berryman.

Crashing through the barriers to classical music

04 May 2021

Moving an orchestra into a school sparked a creative collaboration that can be replicated to benefit students elsewhere, write Anna Bennett and Adrian Bending.

Do you really believe theatre is for everyone?

04 May 2021

Stage side seats have historically been free to cheap, so why are we rushing to return to restricted view seating? Fiona English makes the case for continuing digital access.


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