Valuing what matters about culture

Manga Theme Show at British Museum Friday Lates
11 May 2022

There is long-standing dissatisfaction with how the value of arts and culture has been discussed in policy making. Patrycja Kaszynska explains why the ‘capitals’ framework and the notion of ‘enabling assets’ might help. 

Libraries as digital inspirers

VR libraries promotional image
11 May 2022

By making the most of digital technologies and creative media, libraries can be part of new ways for people to connect and share. Zillah Watson explains how virtual reality (VR) can expand horizons.

The ticket levy

Studio Liverpool's Royal Court
11 May 2022

Using a ticket levy as part of a capital campaign can generate much needed funds. Lucy Costelloe argues the benefits.

Refugees welcome

a room full of beds and chairs to host refugees
11 May 2022

When refugees from Ukraine fled into Poland, Ewa Kozik and Bartosz Frackowiak seized the moment to put their arts activism into practice.

The future of work

a man works from home
04 May 2022

With 86% of internships in the creative sector unpaid, it’s hard for disadvantaged young people to get a foothold. Russell Martin considers what working in the future could look like.

Cultural anchors

The Barbican Centre, part of London's Culture Mile
04 May 2022

How can cultural institutions ‘anchor’ and facilitate growth in creative districts? Natalia Vartapetova and Christie Lam have been investigating.

The future for freelancers

04 May 2022

An initiative to create more equitable conditions for freelancers in the sector has launched. Joon-Lynn Goh and Richard Watts introduce FREELANCE : FUTURES.

A South Asian counter narrative

portrait of Roohia Syed-Ahmed
04 May 2022

New research on South Asian arts and ageing offers insights and inspiration to a new generation, write Elizabeth Lynch and Arti Prashar.

Covid-19 and the global cultural and creative sector – part 2

Theater in Quarantine - Mask Study 1, created by Jon Levin, Katie Rose McLaughlin and Joshua William Gelb; April 1, 2020 Pictured: Joshua William Gelb The story of Theater in Quarantine.
27 Apr 2022

After two years of constant learning, Anthony Sargent thinks we now have the foundations for a new world.

Building better collaborative futures

Statue of Rabindranath Tagore at Shakespeare’s Birthplace
27 Apr 2022

To support the development of ideas and cross-sector partnerships, there is a need for flexible, low stakes funding. Suzie Leighton and Myra Stuart think micro-commissions offer a way forward.

E-marketing in the time of GDPR

Alice - A Virtual Theme Park
27 Apr 2022

Charlie Morley unpicks how the legislation introduced to protect customer data has had unintended consequences for staying in touch with audiences.

Women in music

women playing the violin
27 Apr 2022

Why are women so under-represented in certain areas of classical music? Katherine Cooper thinks enduring stereotypes about women’s soft skills are partly to blame.

Strengthening music in society

cartoon drawing of people playing musical instruments
19 Apr 2022

It has never been more important to recognise the value of music-making and the UK music industry as a national asset. Helena Gaunt and John Sloboda report on a conference exploring these issues.

Dynamic pricing on trial: guilty or not guilty?

pound sign in handcuffs
19 Apr 2022

Thanks to the pandemic and the rising cost of living, a widespread pricing practice is back in the spotlight. Robin Cantrill-Fenwick rises for the prosecution… and the defence.

A model of leadership for uncertain times

two women discuss their work
19 Apr 2022

Research about co-leadership in the arts mostly focuses on sharing the executive function between artistic and operational roles. Pippa Warin thinks it’s time to consider sharing the role of chair of the board.

Threads connecting costumes to communities

Costume Day 20 August 2021
19 Apr 2022

A project on the history of costume making has created meaningful new relationships with communities outside the theatre walls, write Emma Gibbons and Tara Johnston-Comerford.

Paying for digital

12 Apr 2022

If there is a universal truth in the arts and culture sector, it is that funding is an eternal challenge. That's even more true of digital, as Katie Moffat explains.

Reimagining the orchestra for the 21st century 

SMOOSH! perform at Knowle, West Bristol
12 Apr 2022

Charles Hazlewood is on a mission to disrupt the traditional model of orchestral music and bring the excitement into the streets.

Future of culture in Edinburgh

Seminar room Edinburgh University
12 Apr 2022

Recent research urged Edinburgh’s cultural sector to adopt a values-led approach to addressing inequities and precarities. Vikki Jones assesses the implications of the findings for the city.

Fostering creative talent

12 Apr 2022

In October 2020, then Culture Secretary Oliver Dowden distanced himself from an advert encouraging people in the arts to retrain in cybersecurity. Patrick McCrae reflects on how much has since changed.


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