Opening up the talent pipeline

Promotional image for the Deutsche Bank Award for Creative Entrepreneurs
06 Jul 2021

A group of young creatives have been selected as Creative Entrepreneurs for 2021 on the basis of their potential. Marina Norris looks at a programme aimed at building the opportunities and skills of young people.

Use your Voice

contributors to Voice magazine
06 Jul 2021

A charity in the West Midlands is championing young people’s voices and youth leadership through a range of different activities. Tom Inniss nurtures the talents of aspiring arts and culture journalists.

Who can dance?

Promotional poster for the National Youth Dance Festival 2021
06 Jul 2021

As the U.Dance National Festival returns in an online format this month, Cameron Ball shares how the event connects the nation’s young dancers with the best in the industry.

Arts and academic collaborations in placemaking

Community yarnbombing by Woven in Kirklees
29 Jun 2021

We are witnessing a significant increase in diverse and highly ambitious partnerships between universities and the cultural sector. Evelyn Wilson and Emily Hopkins think it's something to shout about. 

A new creative renaissance?

image of Justine Simons and London Mayor Sadiq Khan
29 Jun 2021

Despite an incredibly difficult time for arts and culture in London, Justine Simons says the return of visitors to our world-leading cultural attractions is one of many reasons to feel optimistic.

How does political work get funded?

Projection of "Are you numb yet?" onto a building
29 Jun 2021

Who decides what political work is worth funding? And has the moment passed by the time the funding comes through? Kathryn Bilyard and Alistair Spalding share their new rapid response art fund. 

Bringing art to the people of Liverpool

Artist Gail Dooley stands next to her sculpture at The Liverpool Plinth
29 Jun 2021

Public art plays a vital role in engaging people. And giving cultural venues a voice in cities is crucial to creating a more equitable city for all, writes Laura Brown.  

Creative Lives: recognising exceptional people

Group of men performing music
22 Jun 2021

After thirty years at the frontline of grassroots creativity, Voluntary Arts has relaunched as Creative Lives. David Bryan reflects on the work of the organisation to date and the role everyday creativity will increasingly play in post-pandemic life.

Can technical and vocational training fill the gap?

a student studying at a desk
22 Jun 2021

The Secretary of State for Education, Gavin Williamson, has announced substantial cuts in funding for arts degrees. Jane Ide assesses the impact it might have on training for the sector.

Voices from prison

photo of a woman writing
22 Jun 2021

Erin Gavaghan reflects on how the lives of women with experience of the criminal justice system can be profoundly changed by theatre.

A window on the world of Arab culture

photo of dancer Natalie Salsa
22 Jun 2021

2021 marks 10 years of Shubbak – London’s largest biennial festival of contemporary Arab culture. Eckhard Thiemann charts a turbulent decade.

WOW goes virtual

photo of Jude Kelly speaking at Women of the World
22 Jun 2021

Jude Kelly shares how a group dedicated to the experience of live congregational events transformed into techies in a two-month turnaround.

State funding for BAME entrepreneurs

graphic of watering can watering a plant
16 Jun 2021

Can using public money to make BAME* entrepreneurs successful be in the public interest if it makes them wealthy too? Kevin Osborne sets out the challenge.

New Deal for the arts

Photo of Navajo Mural by Gerald Nailor
16 Jun 2021

The more you look at the cultural aftermath of this year of lockdowns, the clearer it becomes that current thinking around arts funding is a missed opportunity, Anthony Sargent writes.

Towards a more civic theatre

Cover on Dan Hutton's Towards a Civic Theatre
16 Jun 2021

It’s easy to blame the challenges now facing theatre on the longest shutdown of stages since the mid-17th century. But these problems began well before the pandemic, argues Dan Hutton

Investing in disabled artists

an outdoor theatre performance
16 Jun 2021

A commissioning programme in support of disabled artists was inundated with applications. Jo Verrent says the sector must increase its commitment to this under-served community.

Music tutors leading change through critical reflection

A group of tutors in a meeting
16 Jun 2021

To become genuinely inclusive, organisations need to find space to talk. Michael Davidson runs a music education programme where lived experience has been a catalyst for organisational change.

The essence of a festival is congregation

My Light Shines on laser beams
09 Jun 2021

With artists no longer able to travel freely across Europe post-Brexit, and with no sign of the Covid pandemic abating, Francesca Hegyi explores the challenges of trying to stage an international festival in the UK.

Bringing Manchester back to life

People sitting in tables outside in Manchester
09 Jun 2021

With the re-opening of outdoor festivals around the UK, John McGrath shares his thoughts on creating a responsible and safe festival that both responds to Covid limitations and offers a true artistic and community experience.

Countering the narratives

MFest logo
09 Jun 2021

Muslim communities are regularly assailed by poor generalisations and by impoverished stories written by ‘someone else’, which are not just mediocre but harmful, writes Raheel Mohammed.


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