Bonding with local businesses

Photo of images on wall of building
07 Mar 2013

Kerry Thomas tells how Eye Candy, a visual pop culture festival, made such a positive impact on Birmingham’s Southside.

Productive partnerships

Photo of London Mela
07 Mar 2013

Julian Rudd talks about his experience of partnership-working and why it is the backbone of the London Mela.

Here today and tomorrow

Photo of children making bugs
07 Mar 2013

Rachel Adam argues that the Juice festival is not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ event unconnected to the year-round cultural ecology of the North East.

Design a temporary theatre

Photo of building of 'Tower of Babel'
07 Mar 2013

The winner of an international competition to design a sustainable temporal theatre space will be revealed at the World Stage Design festival later this year. Alice Cabanas gives the background to the competition.

A survival story

Photo of performancde of One Pig
07 Mar 2013

When public funding dried up, NEoN, Dundee’s digital arts festival, faced a stark choice: adapt or die. Lyall Bruce tells the story.

Becoming dementia friendly

Dementia week live drawing at The Courtyard
19 Feb 2013

The Courtyard in Herefordshire is the first arts venue to sign up to the Dementia Action Alliance and Alice Saunders hopes it leads where others will follow in improving accessibility for affected families.

Laughter is the best medicine

Photo of Mrs Barbara Nice in a care home
04 Feb 2013

Women & Theatre has delivered comedy courses in residential homes to people with varying degrees of dementia. Sabra Khan asks one of the comedians to reflect on the experience.

Older men moving

Older men dancing
04 Feb 2013

Fergus Early is excited about the funding Green Candle Dance Company has secured for a dance and exercise project for groups of older men.

Creative learning comes of age

Photo of a U3A study day at the Piccadilly Theatre
04 Feb 2013

Zoë Briggs describes how her Creating Learning department at the Ambassador Theatre Group is successfully targeting the growing retired audience.

Creativity despite dementia

Photo of Arts 4 Dementia team at the Photographers' Gallery
04 Feb 2013

Veronica Franklin Gould of Arts 4 Dementia discusses how partnership projects are benefiting people with dementia by reviving their creative skills and developing new ones.

Belly dancing beats ballroom

Photo of rehearsal at ARC
04 Feb 2013

Annabel Turpin reports on how ARC’s silver programme is responsive to the needs of the target group − and that’s not ballroom dancing and basket-weaving.

BollyWalking to better health

Photo of rehearsing hand movements at a dementia workshop
04 Feb 2013

‘Ageing artfully’ has introduced vulnerable older people to BollyWalking. Christina Christou and John Pinder of Akademi explain all.

Old and young unite

Photo of DU Dance performance
04 Feb 2013

Jane Coyle tells how DU Dance’s inter-generational programme has recently seen a dance performance by women of all ages, including some in their eighties.

Unlocking art in older age

Photo of Anita Amy Harrison with her painting
04 Feb 2013

The Elderly Accommodation Counsel launched the Over 60s Art Awards twenty years ago. John Galvin reports on how the awards have showcased the skills and imagination of older people ever since.

The source of being smart

10 Dec 2012

What does working smarter in the arts sector mean? Julie Tait describes a project exploring staffing, technology and audience data.

Feeding a monster

03 Dec 2012

Louise Amery describes how Aberystwyth Arts Centre has worked with Tincan to develop and build its new, rather hungry website.

Pleasing all the people

03 Dec 2012

Ed Green demanded a lot of functionality when he tendered for a new ticketing system and now reports that the Spektrix system has exceeded his expectations.

Slick ticketing

03 Dec 2012

Dan Eastmond describes how the Monad ticketing system has resulted in a smoother service for customers and more marketing data for the staff.

Ticketing without borders

03 Dec 2012

A combination of technologies offers travellers the opportunity to book tickets for events at the same time as they book their travel arrangements. Bart van Schriek explains how.

Cheery smiles

12 Nov 2012

The Ironbridge Gorge Museums Trust uses 450 regular volunteers in various roles from demonstrating crafts to litter-picking. Lucy Andrews Manion describes how she keeps them all happy.


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