Writing for voluntary musicians

Photo of Making Music Overture
12 Nov 2012

Groups in the voluntary music sector are often privileged to premiere a new piece of music. Henry Bird looks at how composers and voluntary musicians can best work together.

Theatre on the ground

Photo of Kirkcaldy Operatic Society
12 Nov 2012

What are the issues facing community theatre today? The National Operatic and Dramatic Association can name quite a few of them...

State of play

Pages from State of Play report
24 Oct 2012

Tina Mermiri examines recent research to discover what the arts – and its sponsors – can learn from their audiences

Reaching hidden communities

People being filmed
15 Oct 2012

The Sound Agents has gained a reputation for working with hidden and hard-to-reach communities in Liverpool. Moira Kenny describes two projects.

Sharing audiences

Cinema Exterior
15 Oct 2012

Kate Rolfe explains how RADA and Curzon Cinemas are working together to encourage their respective audiences to broaden their cultural experiences.

New audiences for contemporary work

15 Oct 2012

David Edmunds describes how funding will allow Dep Arts to develop new approaches to increase access to contemporary dance and theatre while programming original and inspiring shows.

Creating more adventurous family audiences

Photo of families with children involved in workshop
09 Oct 2012

How can venues encourage family audiences to ‘play less safe’ and try something new? Carey Fluker Hunt outlines how the ‘Culture Window’ project has created new family audiences.

Marketing with customer insight

Photo of exterior of Grove Theatre, Dunstable
09 Oct 2012

When it opened in 2009 the cinema screen at the Grove Theatre in Dunstable saw average audiences of about 40 people, but data-led marketing has worked wonders, explains Claire McFauld.

Mixing teenagers and orchestral music

Young people in yellow t-shirts performing at a concert
09 Oct 2012

First Time Live Youth aims to change the way orchestral concerts are perceived by young people, says Matt Carwardine-Palmer.

Please come back soon!

Visitors on ss Great Britain
09 Oct 2012

What can we do about people who are positively inclined towards the arts, seem to have a good time whenever they go, but just don’t do it very often? Sarah Boiling explores the issue.

Arms wide open

Photo of girl on swing
08 Oct 2012

The National Trust has doubled its turnover and significantly increased membership over the last 12 years. Dame Fiona Reynolds explains how becoming an ‘arms wide open’ organisation has brought about this success.

Equipped for the challenge

A group of young people stand in a cirle with their hands to their faces in an acting exercise.
24 Aug 2012

Victoria Aspden explains how the EducationLive event is persuading teachers of the value of bringing school groups to the theatre, and equipping them with the skills to inspire young people.

An academic impact

Young participants performing theatre.
24 Aug 2012

An arts partnership linking THEATRE IS... with a new Academy school will enable the impact of arts participation on educational achievement to be quantified. Emrys Green explains.

National icon, international reach

Picture of the Royal Albert Hall
24 Aug 2012

Schools around the world have been invited to tune into a live science lesson taking place at the Royal Albert Hall. Lucy Noble tells the story.

Challenge and Change

Two school childeren interact with an art piece
24 Aug 2012

How can education in galleries thrive in the face of challenging times for culture and education more generally? Jane Sillis is encouraged by the opportunities across the UK.

Good training, great teaching

A group of people sat in a circle playing instruments
24 Aug 2012

The importance of training as a teacher in the arts is often under-valued – to the detriment of our sector, says Maricia Klincke

Raising the game

A girl in a garden with coloured paper artwork
24 Aug 2012

Rob Smith has found a sustainable model for working with artist educators that provides artists with an income stream relevant to their field of work and doesn’t depend on public funding

Removing barriers and having fun

Montage of images related to WAC arts and media college
24 Aug 2012

An arts college in Camden has been awarded a three-year contract by the Council to provide short break services in the borough for disabled children and young people. Melanie Ancliff describes the facilities that underpin the programme.

Multiple perspectives

Children with hands up
22 Aug 2012

A cross-curricular approach to education can validate the fundamental contribution of music to our lives, says Chris Harrison.


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