Tapping into black talent

Image of a Talawa Firsts workshop
08 Jul 2013

Michael Buffong set up Talawa Firsts when he spotted the shortage of black theatre producers, directors and writers in the UK.

Quality captioning

Image of a captioned Q&A session
08 Jul 2013

Captioning theatre performances may be logistically demanding but a small touring company has just managed it − and so can others, says Mark Makin.

Exposed to real art

Image of an installation at FACT 2012
08 Jul 2013

Creating their own works of art is important for people with severe intellectual disabilities – and possible with the right support, believes Kate Adams.

A look behind the scenes

Image of Reija Hirvikoski’s design
08 Jul 2013

Alice Cabanas asks why women are so underrepresented among theatre production design teams in the UK.

Listening vividly

Image of Kozo the dog
08 Jul 2013

Roz Chalmers explains how audio description can now help blind and partially sighted people to ‘see’ work in museums and galleries.

Taking shape

Image of sculpture in Yorkshire Sculpture Park
13 Jun 2013

Wakefield, situated deep in industrial West Yorkshire, has successfully remodelled itself as the centre of the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle.

A new partner

Image of visitors at MOMA
13 Jun 2013

Global Travel Industry News offers some tips to tourist destinations on how they can work in partnership with arts organisations.

Spreading the word

Image of Art on the Street
13 Jun 2013

Marie-Anne Leonard describes how selling paintings on the streets of Maidenhead has drawn visitors from all over the country.

Rebranding a city

Image of musicians under water
13 Jun 2013

Plymouth has put in place a visitor plan that aims to encourage tourists to the region to stop for a while and enjoy the sights and the sea. Amanda Lumley explains.

Natural progression

Image of dancer at Craigieburn Gardens
13 Jun 2013

Leah Black explains how Spring Fling, originally a visual arts and craft event, has attracted new visitors by embracing nature and the environment.

A red shed

Image of the National Theatre's red shed
09 May 2013

The Shed, a temporary venue in front of the National Theatre, provides a third stage during the closure of the Cottesloe Theatre.

Making temporary less tenuous

Image of ex-vocational college in Bristol
09 May 2013

Sue Ball and Ruth Essex analyse the culture and economy around the temporary use of disused buildings.

From hops to Hockney

Image of The Tetley
09 May 2013

The former headquarters building for Tetley brewery is to be transformed into a new contemporary visual arts centre for Leeds.

The commercial world

Image of concert hall
09 May 2013

Janet Smith discusses how the new arts centre at the Royal Welsh College of Music & Drama has created commercial opportunities and valuable experiences for the students.

A powerful performance

Image of wind turbine at Glyndebourne
09 May 2013

Gus Christie tells the story of Glyndebourne's wind turbine, the first to be commissioned by an arts organisation.

Programming and partnerships

Photo of city workers being entertained
07 Mar 2013

Ian Ritchie believes that the City of London Festival’s success over 50 years is based on taking programming risks and exploring creative partnerships.

Bonding with local businesses

Photo of images on wall of building
07 Mar 2013

Kerry Thomas tells how Eye Candy, a visual pop culture festival, made such a positive impact on Birmingham’s Southside.

Productive partnerships

Photo of London Mela
07 Mar 2013

Julian Rudd talks about his experience of partnership-working and why it is the backbone of the London Mela.

Here today and tomorrow

Photo of children making bugs
07 Mar 2013

Rachel Adam argues that the Juice festival is not a ‘here today, gone tomorrow’ event unconnected to the year-round cultural ecology of the North East.

Design a temporary theatre

Photo of building of 'Tower of Babel'
07 Mar 2013

The winner of an international competition to design a sustainable temporal theatre space will be revealed at the World Stage Design festival later this year. Alice Cabanas gives the background to the competition.


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