An upward curve

Image of guitar workshop
11 Nov 2013

Ten new Young Arts Entrepreneurs recently emerged from Curve’s dragon’s den to start the third year of a project for emerging young artists. Alison Moore tells the story.

People participation

Image of the Return of Colmcille
07 Oct 2013

Walk the Plank seeks to bring out the best in both people and places, as demonstrated by its recent show in Derry-Londonderry. Liz Pugh explains how.

Let’s get political

Image of One Million rehearsal
07 Oct 2013

Political work is normally difficult to sell but Tangled Feet’s hard-hitting outdoor shows are in demand, as told by Kat Joyce.

Showtime revisited

Image of Spin Cycle
07 Oct 2013

Two arts venues involved in ‘Showtime’, the Mayor of London’s outdoor festival, recognised the positive impact of working outdoors and, as Jane Packham reports, have since formed a consortium with other venues in outer London boroughs.

More than just a name

Image of ‘Les Tambours de La Muerte’
07 Oct 2013

At Hull’s Freedom Festival the concept of freedom is ambitiously present throughout the three days of events. Graham Chesters explains how.

A creative consultation

Image of wooden man and notes
09 Sep 2013

Rach Flowers describes how Warwickshire County Council has used the arts as a consultation tool for developing its all-age autism strategy.

Inspired to continue

Image of Bookstart bear
09 Sep 2013

To replace events previously run by Lincoln City Council, former member of the arts team Sara Bullimore founded the Lincoln Inspired festival. She tells the story so far.

Pitching for local funding

Image of Ellen Havard delivering pitch
09 Sep 2013

Oxford City Council has launched CREATE, a peer-to-peer, cultural micro-funding and collaboration event, which is offering new opportunities for artists to pitch for some cash.

An unusual shoot

Image of care home film making
09 Sep 2013

Kent County Council turned to Ladder to the Moon to deliver workforce development training for dementia care, and to create a classic movie. Emma Hanson is delighted with the outcomes.

Under new management

Image of Hazlitt Arts Centre entrance
09 Sep 2013

The running of the Hazlitt Arts Centre is being contracted out by Maidstone City Council. Mandy Hare explains the rationale for the decision.

Tackling homophobia

Image of Gale Force
08 Jul 2013

Much more than a festival of LGBT arts, Homotopia campaigns all year round against hate crime and for social justice, says Gary Everett.

A craft community

Image of a pendant
08 Jul 2013

Emma Daker describes a jewellery-making project which has successfully integrated some migrant and refugee women into the community.

Tapping into black talent

Image of a Talawa Firsts workshop
08 Jul 2013

Michael Buffong set up Talawa Firsts when he spotted the shortage of black theatre producers, directors and writers in the UK.

Quality captioning

Image of a captioned Q&A session
08 Jul 2013

Captioning theatre performances may be logistically demanding but a small touring company has just managed it − and so can others, says Mark Makin.

Exposed to real art

Image of an installation at FACT 2012
08 Jul 2013

Creating their own works of art is important for people with severe intellectual disabilities – and possible with the right support, believes Kate Adams.

A look behind the scenes

Image of Reija Hirvikoski’s design
08 Jul 2013

Alice Cabanas asks why women are so underrepresented among theatre production design teams in the UK.

Listening vividly

Image of Kozo the dog
08 Jul 2013

Roz Chalmers explains how audio description can now help blind and partially sighted people to ‘see’ work in museums and galleries.

Taking shape

Image of sculpture in Yorkshire Sculpture Park
13 Jun 2013

Wakefield, situated deep in industrial West Yorkshire, has successfully remodelled itself as the centre of the Yorkshire Sculpture Triangle.

A new partner

Image of visitors at MOMA
13 Jun 2013

Global Travel Industry News offers some tips to tourist destinations on how they can work in partnership with arts organisations.

Spreading the word

Image of Art on the Street
13 Jun 2013

Marie-Anne Leonard describes how selling paintings on the streets of Maidenhead has drawn visitors from all over the country.


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