Photo of Rebecca Dawson
20 Feb 2017

As she joins Punchdrunk as Executive Director, Rebecca Dawson looks back on her career so far. 

Photo of unboxing
16 Feb 2017

What happens in the week of a Communications Manager? Nicola Osmond-Evans of RIBA fills us in.

Photo of David Massingham
16 Feb 2017

As he leaves DanceXchange, David Massingham reflects on his journey from distributing Christmas hampers to establishing Birmingham as an international dance city.

Cartoon of Facebook's thumbs up and young people
13 Feb 2017

Is your organisation’s Facebook page failing to gain traction? Paul Taylor shares ten essential tips to boost your profile.

Photo of audience watching performance
09 Feb 2017

No wonder there is so much talk about the death of opera when people are excluded from it all the time, says Bill Bankes-Jones. But are attitudes finally starting to change?

Olivier Jamin with his artworks
09 Feb 2017

Don’t worry about rejection, and stay in touch with people who have successfully applied for funding, advises contemporary artist Olivier Jamin.

Photo of Julie Aldridge
02 Feb 2017

What should you look for in a guru? As she leaves the Arts Marketing Association, Julie Aldridge reveals who has helped and guided her career – and how.

Photo of girls at shop counter
26 Jan 2017

Model skeletons, cubed earwax and mentoring young writers – all in a week’s work for Ministry of Stories’ Oz Yikici.

Photo of Sandro Mussida
24 Jan 2017

An unexpected treasure is what your soul desires, composer and musician Sandro Mussida tells people starting a career in the arts.

Photo of boys dancing
19 Jan 2017

How do you get a room full of sniggering teenage boys enthusiastic about dance? Helen Ganberg says it’s not easy, but experience shows it is possible.