Photo of Jenny Crowe
24 Nov 2016

From Patti Smith to Katy Dove, Platform’s Jenny Crowe tells us who inspires her. 

Photo of Botis Seva
23 Nov 2016

Hip hop dancer and choreographer Botis Seva says start saving the pennies and always keep an eye out for talent.

Photo of Barbara Blanka
15 Nov 2016

Non-English actors are encouraged to change their name and disguise themselves as English in order to be cast in productions – this will not change until we ditch limiting stereotypes, says actor Barbara Blanka.

15 Nov 2016

How you ever asked yourself, “why am I frustrated and stuck in my career”? Performance coach Sally Arnold has some top tips to get things back on track.

Photo of Circus Archive
14 Nov 2016

Tigers on top of elephants: a week with the National Fairground and Circus Archive as they display the largest collection of circus archives in the UK.

Photo of Becca Pelly Fry and Corrie Baldauf
01 Nov 2016

What should an emerging artist know? Director of the The Griffin Gallery, Becca Pelly-Fry, and Detroit-based artist, Corrie Baldauf, offer two different perspectives.

Photography photo
01 Nov 2016

The new online course focuses on the intellectual, critical and business elements of photography – but how does it work? Paul Cabuts outlines Falmouth’s latest MA.

Photo of Brendan Keaney
27 Oct 2016

If it wasn’t for Ziggy Stardust’s mime skills, Brendan Keaney might not be working in dance. The DanceEast chief reveals who has inspired his career.

Photo of young dancer
25 Oct 2016

How much dance does an Access and Education Projects Coordinator at Phoenix Dance Theatre actually get to see? Emily Labhart shows us a week in her world.

Photo of Mhora Samuel
20 Oct 2016

As she leaves the Theatres Trust, Mhora Samuel looks back on her career in theatre, dance and cultural regeneration.