Keeper of Dreams
23 May 2016

Know, trust and respect yourself: trainer and facilitator Michèle Taylor’s shares the calming guidance she would give to herself at 22.

Photo of Conor Lovett
19 May 2016

Director Judy Hegarty has been working for 20 years, and keeps returning to the writer Samuel Beckett. How can you find a similar source of inspiration?

Photo of Debs Newbold in the Roundhouse
17 May 2016

Storyteller Debs Newbold shows us her week: devising, performing, rambling and enjoying a huge bath. 

Photo of sculpture of green woman
09 May 2016

Sculptor of experiences Ewan Allinson spins through a week of art, commissions and being true to Hip-Hop’s Freddie Foxxx: working from the ground up.

Photos of children making art with older people
09 May 2016

Spend some time chilling out in a supermarket car park, arts and health project manager Katherine Brown tells herself at 22.

Photo of a man playing the bansuri flute
06 May 2016

A haunting concert recently combined music and birdsong to highlight the plight of endangered birds. Artist Lucy Stevens shares her tips for using art to communicate environmental issues.  

Photo of David Waring dancing
05 May 2016

David Waring takes a break from Trinity Laban’s Transitions Dance Company to look back at the people who have inspired him. 

Photo of Karena Johnson
28 Apr 2016

From Ovalhouse to Hoxton Hall, Karena Johnson reflects on her career making theatre with cojones.

Photo of people in a gallery
25 Apr 2016

Festival management expert Dr. Louise Platt isn’t afraid of posting a dog pic or two – and you shouldn't be either.

Allelouia Susan Miller
25 Apr 2016

For Susan Miller, an MA in Fine Art has been a real opportunity to confront the vulnerability artists feel when exhibiting their work in public spaces.